Starting her career in 2002, Kathleen Galigher has become a highly sought-after REALTOR® in the greater Palm Springs region. Her initial involvement with her Design Showroom in Santa Barbara along with her work with new home builders laid the foundation for her transition into real estate. “I decided to get my license because it was complementary to what I was already doing,” she explains. “So that’s where it all began.” Her specialization in the Palm Springs area, particularly in La Quinta, California, places her at the center of some of the most exclusive real estate markets, where properties range dramatically from $300,000 to $50 million. Kathleen’s understanding of her clientele’s needs is nuanced and comprehensive. She emphasizes the importance of matching her clients not just with a property but with a lifestyle, a philosophy that guides her approach to real estate. Her tours, often coordinated with golf membership directors, are tailored to ensure that clients find their perfect fit in a community, recognizing that each country club and neighborhood has its unique character and appeal.

“The community is the most important aspect of living here,” Kathleen says. “Each club has very different characteristics, and residents need to discover one they mesh with.” She is eager to match her clients with the perfect property for their needs. The same goes for the properties she sells, as she aims to find the ideal buyers for each home. Kathleen’s approach to marketing her high-end real estate listings involves online strategies and in-person networking. “Everything starts online,” she states. Kathleen focuses on digital platforms, utilizing websites like Zillow and Redfin to reach a broad audience. She acknowledges the continued relevance of traditional methods like direct mail and postcards. “They’re very effective in this market, because everything is sort of sectioned off into these different communities.”

Kathleen’s distinction as a real estate agent stems from her consistent performance and expertise in the market. She averages an impressive $20 million in sales annually, with a record of reaching up to $50 million. “I’m consistent, and I’ve been a full-time agent for 20 years,” she explains. Her understanding of the local market dynamics is another key aspect that sets her apart. With two decades of experience in the area, Kathleen has witnessed firsthand the evolution of the real estate landscape. “I’ve been here for 20 years, so I know the history of how it’s changed.” This extensive knowledge allows her to navigate the market’s seasonal nature, particularly in a region where many properties are second or third homes, and the summer season can dramatically influence market activity.

As Kathleen looks ahead, her vision for the future of her business is clear and focused. Central to her strategy is the continued emphasis on referrals and a strong online presence, particularly on Zillow, recognizing its pivotal role in modern property searches. Kathleen also plans to maintain her engagement with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, selectively choosing those that align with her business’s nature. In addition to digital strategies, prioritizes personal connections, particularly through her active participation in country clubs. This blend of online visibility and community engagement forms the crux of her strategy to sustain and grow her business, with no intentions of slowing down in the foreseeable future.

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