Have you ever seen one of those movies where the lead character is somehow able to transpose themselves into the body of another person? It’s a plot line where the protagonist can see things from somebody else’s perspective. For REALTOR® Kimberley Higgs, that’s an everyday occurrence – even if it’s just metaphorical.

“I feel like I have a really honest approach because I put myself in my client’s shoes every step of the way and always think about how I would feel if I were on the other end of things,” said Kimberley, a solo agent with Boyes Group Realty covering Saskatoon, Canada, and its surrounding areas. “I think that’s been a beneficial thing for my business and for my clients, for sure.”

It has. Kimberley has been licensed since 2014 and has built a client base with upwards of 75 percent of her business being from referrals. Like any REALTOR® she was impacted by COVID and its effect on the business but has bounced back to what is shaping up to be one of her most successful years to date. She understands the difficulties of the industry and knows how to ride the wave and navigate the storms. In fact, it was something she picked up at a youthful age.

“My parents moved cities when I was 16, and I was very intrigued by the entire process of viewing houses and the process of how buying and selling went,” Kimberley said. “That was what really started my excitement for real estate.”

To market her listings, Kimberley relies heavily on Facebook and Instagram, noting that innovative technology is always in the favor of agents. She keeps in touch with her clients with personal texts, even if it’s just a check-in, as well as personal cards and messages around the holidays. When Kimberley is not working, she is a Sports Mom. She has three active boys who play sports, particularly hockey, basketball and go to the gym. She has been a team manager for the occasional youth hockey team and had a chance to coach basketball, enjoying the flexibility that her life as a REALTOR® gives her. With her husband’s career taking him on the road for sometimes months at a time, she has learned how to balance her real estate career and family time and has even carved out some time to continue her passion in piano playing. Her family keeps a place in scenic Emma Lake in Saskatchewan and use it as often as they can in the summers. In the future, she said the goal of her business is always expansion but will let it happen in due time.

“I feel like I just want to keep being me and be as real as possible,” Kimberley said. “That will help my business grow as well as to one day expand, have a team with me and keep servicing my clients and create repeat business. To be better every year is always the goal.”

You can contact Kimberley Higgs at 306-321-5064 or through email at [email protected] Her website is HomesByHiggs.com

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