Leslie Boswell of Midland, Texas, has seamlessly adapted to being thrust into the spotlight two years ago, becoming the sole business owner of Boswell & Associates. “My emphasis for your readers would be: have your succession plans! Know who’s going to take over the brokerage if something were to happen. We were able to transition smoothly because I was already an officer with the company and filed with the Secretary of State, but not every state has the same laws or regulations.”

Originally, Leslie enjoyed a successful career as a court reporter, until she married a REALTOR® who specialized in property management. “My husband ended up purchasing the brokerage he worked for in 2016, and I was working at that office when I wasn’t with our kids, handling paperwork and non-licensed property management duties. In 2018, I officially got my license and joined him at the company.” The husband and wife duo began to build the newly acquired brokerage, signing new agents to work alongside them and managing just over two hundred rental properties. They expanded their business network to include both Midland and Odessa, and cemented their position in the business as one of the longest-lasting, most consistent property management companies in the area.

In 2020, Leslie’s husband unexpectedly passed away, and she was forced to quickly take on all of the roles and responsibilities that were previously shared. “Looking back, I am really proud, and grateful, that we did not lose a single owner after my husband’s death. Well, we had one – he was remodeling about thirty properties, so I transferred them over to the broker who stepped in to help me out – but everybody else stuck with me. Our clients know we take care of them and put their priorities first. We look out for their needs, communicate with them regularly, and we reach out if anything unexpected pops up.” Her resilience during times of turmoil has earned her an ironclad reputation, and Leslie’s book of business currently boasts a base that is one hundred percent repeat and referral clients and friends.

In addition to frequent and thorough communication, Leslie goes to great lengths to ensure that her rental properties are marketed with a broadly cast digital presence. She employs a property management software that posts listings with the MLS and syndicates out to other sites where prospective tenants might look, such as Apartments.com and Homes.com. For Leslie, the best approach to marketing (and her favorite thing about her job) is simply providing comfortable and secure homes for the people who live there: “That’s a big focus for us right now. We have a high level of respect for our tenants and for providing a safe house for them. And that’s another way of managing the owner’s investment, too – whether it’s a corporation or an elderly couple relying on this income for retirement – it all adds up to taking care of people, and it’s an honor to fulfill this role.”

With her role in property management thriving, Leslie plans to increase her presence in the world of real estate sales, branching out and exploring all potential avenues in her business. As a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, National Association of
REALTORS®, and Texas Association of REALTORS®, she aims to leverage her breadth of industry expertise to soon become a fully licensed broker.

To learn more about Leslie Boswell, visit https://www.boswellrealtors.com/, email leslieb33@hotmail.com, or call 432-689-0021.

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