Born and raised in Mexico, top real estate agent in Texas Maricruz Acuna REALTOR® grew up surrounded by a real estate family. Her father did construction, property management, remodeling, and traditional real estate, providing foundational knowledge that would one day serve Maricruz in her own career. For 12 years, Maricruz worked in her family’s real estate business before moving to Austin, Texas in 2010 and starting her business from scratch.

Today, she works with the number one independent firm in Central Texas. She’s not only built up a strong client base of homeowners, builders and investors, but counts around 95% of her business as coming from referrals. While she started as an independent agent after her move, Maricruz now works with a team who complement her real estate skills and experience with digital marketing prowess and new approaches to reaching younger generations.

Through all of her marketing efforts, Maricruz adds a personal touch that her clients appreciate. Every month, they can expect an email from her about how the market is doing and what other properties in their area are selling for. She also visits clients on home anniversaries with information about how their property is faring since their sale. “We keep in touch and more often than not, become friends. It’s not a short-term relationship, it’s one that can last for years and result in future business together,” says Maricruz.

Maricruz spends a lot of time involved in community service activities benefiting organizations like Habitat for Humanity. Notably, Maricruz works hard to help Hispanic clients understand the real estate market by giving talks and hosting events in Spanish to share important information. “The culture of our company is all about giving back to our community and I’m very glad to be a part of it,” she says.

Altogether, Maricruz and her husband share six kids, who keep them busy to say the least! Austin is known for its beautiful landscape, trails, and lakes and Maricruz and her family love hiking and jet skiing together. “It’s a relaxed, wonderful place to live with a lot of live music events and outdoor activities,” she explains.

At the moment, Maricruz is concentrating on growing her real estate team so that eventually, she can have more time with her family. “I’m a workaholic and I love real estate, but I would like to slow down at some point,” she says. By providing mentorship and leadership, she is creating a legacy so that younger agents can follow in her footsteps. “With hard work and compassion for your clients, there is no limit to your potential in this industry.”

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