Matt Moreno was working in corporate security management and pondering a career change when his wife, Janelle, suggested he try real estate. “Janelle suggested that I get my real estate license because I’ve always wanted to do it,” Matt recalls. “So I did, and I went right to work.” Soon, Janelle joined the fray. “She saw how much fun real estate was and wanted to get into it too,” Matt says. As a team, the two set to work learning everything there is to know about real estate and building their business together. Matt and Janelle have a proven track record of helping their clients achieve their real estate goals.

As the Moreno Real Estate Team at eXp Realty, Matt and Janelle primarily serve the Yuba Sutter and Butte County area, sometimes also going farther afield where their clients need them. Repeat and referral clients together make up about half of their business, an impressive feat that demonstrates the trust and confidence Matt and Janelle inspire.

Clients value the determination and can-do work ethic Matt and Janelle bring to real estate. “At times when the market is starting to look like it’s going to slow down, a lot of agents will stop,” Matt explains. “We don’t stop. We just keep going no matter what.” Even amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Moreno Team kept forging on. “When Covid hit and everybody was locked down, the second they made real estate an essential business, we went back to work. We constantly hit the phones and hit every venue we could to try to get our business to the next level.”

Nurturing close relationships with clients in the long term is a key to the Moreno Team’s success. In addition to reaching out by phone to check in, Janelle sends out personalized, handwritten Christmas cards. “Just because we’ve sold them a house, doesn’t mean they’re not still a client afterward,” Matt says. “We call them a week later or a month later to see how they like the house, and if there are any problems we can help them fix. That helps keep contact with them and keeps us top of mind so that when they know someone who wants to buy, they refer that business to us.”

Looking toward the future, Matt and Janelle are working to achieve ICON Agent Status, the highest accolade at eXp. They plan to grow their business so that they can help more clients going forward. “We’re looking at structuring our business to become more of a corporation, so that we can take on more volume at a higher level and still be able to give the same client experience,” Matt says.

Above all, Matt and Janelle get the greatest satisfaction from helping clients make their dreams come true. “Janelle and I love calling our clients and letting them know their offer was accepted, then getting to hand over the keys to their new home,” Matt says. “We love helping people. Whether on the buyer side or the selling side, it’s amazing being able to help families and get them where they want to be.”

To find out more about Matt and Janelle Moreno, you can call them at 530.216.6716, or email at [email protected]. You can find them online at

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