A casual interest in the shows on HGTV grabbed Patrick’s imagination. He was a teacher, but saw an opportunity in the time he wasn’t in classes. He enrolled and got his license in 2013. He spent a few years dabbling in real estate, helping mostly buyers and slowly growing his client base. In 2015, he moved his focus to London, Ontario. By the time 2020 rolled around, he was actively working with buyers and sellers through One Percent Realty. Although he collaborates with others in his office from time to time, he functions as a solo agent.

Patrick specializes in having an in-depth knowledge of the financial sector and market conditions. Having a background in engineering gives him a unique perspective to see connections when analyzing trends. He watches trends in various industries and connects the dots to see how it’s going to impact the properties in his area. This insight works like a crystal ball for his clients, and they value the detail of his foresight. It brings them back to him time and time again, and they refer their friends to him whether they’re looking to buy or sell, knowing he will understand exactly what the market is tolerating at that given moment.

News of Patrick’s market savvy increases his credibility and brings even more clients. When the market was getting rough, he worked with his seller, knowing exactly the current financial conditions. The property sold in eight days. This led to another seller contacting him immediately, having seen how efficient the process was. He provides solid service and sound advice, and his client base grows.

Once he lands his clients, he keeps them in contact with a minimum of two ecards a year, hitting at Canada Day and perhaps a calendar at New Years. He utilizes email and social media even further when listing a new property. For high end listings, he will target agents in Toronto as well as the London circle, going through a Vancouver based service to target the right demographic agents. Mass emailings are just the start, with Facebook and Instagram showing off his latest properties as well. Marketing blasts like that landed him over $14 million in transactions for 2021.

Patrick loves relationships with people. It’s what drove him in prior sales experience and the real estate world. Meeting people all over the political spectrum and staying in touch with clients as friends keeps the job exciting. He loves the activity of the real estate market and tracking how it moves with other financial arenas. He’s fairly sure that in the next five years, he will be diving into real estate full time and will consider what different brokerages to work for as that time gets closer. Other brokerages have already begun reaching out to him, seeing the business he’s been handling.

For more info, call 647-534-5956 and email Patrick.lexima@gmail.com

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