Top lender in Virginia Paula Kelley is known for tackling the hardest loans and getting them done when no one else could. Her high level of success comes after 36 years of working in the mortgage industry for a local bank, rising her way to the top and eventually opening her own brokerage one year ago. Now overseeing three loan officers and a processor, Paula brings an in-depth knowledge of all types of loans, from FHA to VA, USDA, conventional, Jumbo and more to every transaction she does. Her reputation for quality, integrity and excellence precedes her, making her highly sought after in the industry.

Whether working with first-time homebuyers or couples wishing to purchase a vacation home, Paula is extremely professional and efficient. Her business is based entirely on referrals, which is no doubt an indication of the type of experience she provides. “My referral partners and real estate agents know that if I say I can get a loan done, I can. The trust factor is very high,” she explains.

To keep communication with clients flowing throughout the years, Paula sends out bi-weekly newsletters and frequently schedules lunches to address questions in person. As a mortgage broker, she feels like she is able to stay very nimble with the solutions she can offer, which brings a lot of value to her clients. “I’ve heard that brokers are better and it’s true — we really are. You’ll get better rates, lower fees, and more options working with an independent mortgage broker,” she explains.

Actively involved in her community, Paula serves on the local Board of REALTORS®. “We are currently working on starting grants for first-time homebuyers, which will help a lot of people in our community,” she says. She’s also the Treasurer and Secretary of her church and volunteers with her husband on community outreach programs. In her spare time, Paula loves to read, bike, and do water sports. “We live on an island in the Chesapeake Bay, so we are always having fun on the water,” she says.

With an office based in Easton, Maryland, Paula plans to grow her business next year by adding two more loan officers and opening a new office in Virginia. She just got licensed in Virginia and is planning to get licensed in Florida and Pennsylvania as well, opening up even more possibilities to expand. No matter where she goes next, her expertise in all types of loans is clear to everyone she is working with. “My clients’ needs are diverse and it’s very gratifying to help them accomplish their goals.”

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