Paula Pompa is a seasoned real estate agent with a sound reputation across southern Florida. She found her way into the industry right out of high school when a close friend’s mother offered to fund her real estate education. Upon earning her licensure, Paula began working for a bank’s real estate department. This financial background provided Paula with ample experience managing property loans, mortgages, and foreclosures.

43 years later, Paula continues to make a name for herself across Broward County. She works as a solo agent, born and raised in the city of Plantation. Paula says, “I just love it.” She shares about the beautiful parks and recreation surrounding Fort Lauderdale and describes it as, “A big city with a hometown feel.” Paula expresses her appreciation for its high-quality police department, which she describes as “extremely important, as I have a special needs son.”

Over four decades into her career, Paula has maintained a sound reputation with many of her clients. She notes, “I’ve sold many people their first house, and then their kids, and now their grandkids!” Nowadays, she prioritizes one on one client relationships. Paula spent time doing foreclosure work and managed a team of 14 people, but shares that it “didn’t feel hands on.” She strives to provide customized service for every client. Paula says, “My motto is, ‘I always answer the phone.’” Her approachability and genuine care make Paula a valuable agent within South Florida.

Paula stays in touch with past clients via frequent email campaigns and newsletters. She goes above and beyond on holidays, sending out flags on the Fourth of July, Easter and Thanksgiving cards, and special Christmas gifts to all of her clients. Paula also commemorates client birthdays, anniversaries, and house anniversaries.

Paula’s current volume is 12-14 transactions per year. Her brokerage, Coldwell Banker, hosts a listing concierge to promote new properties. Paula shares how she wants clients to feel comfortable when visiting an open house, so she pitches a tent in the driveway to “camp out” and greet potential clients as they arrive.

Paula frequently donates her time at the local nursing home, where she sings and does crafts with the residents. She also volunteers with her son at the local wildlife rescue and says that he has logged “hundreds of hours this year.” Paula’s humanitarian heart is evident in the three trips she has taken with Samaritan’s Purse to aid communities impacted by hurricanes.

Outside of work, Paula loves to garden. She notes how she planted a brand new garden around her pool and deck during the height of the pandemic, “It was something good that came out of these awful years.” Paula can often be spotted at a local park, or taking her dogs to one of the many dog parks in the area. She regularly enjoys spending time with friends.

When asked about her plans for the future, Paula shares that she has “no intention of slowing down.” Her workload is as busy as ever, and she says, “There’s no reason why I can’t keep working.” Paula shares about her inspiration, a fellow real estate agent who is in her nineties. She says, “I always tell her, ‘You can’t retire, Rose, because you’re my hero!’”

To get in touch with Paula, call 954 655-6540 or email

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