In the vast tapestry of the real estate world, top real estate agent in Ontario Robert Di Matteo stands out as a maestro of connections. Transitioning seamlessly from a 27-year tenure in an executive account management role with a national organization, Robert effortlessly blends his former client-focused approach into his present interactions as a seasoned REALTOR®. The evidence? A staggering 80% of his business stems from glowing word-of-mouth testimonials from home buyers, sellers, and real estate investors. But Robert isn’t just a businessman, he’s a deft negotiator with a creative and humorous streak, building lasting bonds rooted in trust and loyalty. Operating primarily in the York region and the GTA, Robert collaborates closely with a dynamic team that includes his own adult children.  

“More than 80% of my business is built on positive word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals,” he explains. This isn’t by accident, it’s a legacy from his corporate days where he spearheaded a culture centered around delivering sterling service and unparalleled value. His prowess spans from raw land negotiations to commercial units, marking him as a versatile figure to be trusted for diverse real estate requirements. Robert’s family fortifies his endeavors. His son and partner Andrew is actively immersed in the business, and his daughter Alexandra immaculately prepares and stages their sellers’ homes. Their collective dedication shines through every property they deal with. 

Robert works diligently to keep his vast clientele engaged. “We issue on a monthly basis well over 1000 promotional materials, including literature, and mailers,” he explains. But when it comes to showcasing listings, Robert’s strategy takes a digital turn. “We primarily use social media,” he says. Additionally, he emphasizes regionally-focused techniques, like sending “mailers to the communities” where properties are listed. The results are seen in a continuous flow of opportunities for their valued clients, both sellers and buyers.

Throughout every step of his work, Robert only wants what is best for his clients. He often receives updates from his past clients throughout the year, with one recently praising him for changing their life. “After I wished them a Happy New Year, they came back to me with one of the biggest compliments I could ever receive as an agent,” Robert says. “They told me, ‘You are a large part of the community. You have assisted me above and beyond, plus so many others. I am sure you helped change their lives as you have changed ours.’”

When Robert isn’t changing lives in real estate, he’s pedaling away for a cause. An avid cyclist, Robert skillfully blends his passion for cycling with philanthropy, orchestrating fundraisers that have amassed thousands for various charities. In his free time, Robert loves traveling to different locales with his trusty bike by his side, cherishing moments with his family, indulging in serene walks with his dog, or hitting the gym for invigorating workouts.

As the horizon of the future unfolds and with a vision of perpetual growth, Robert envisions a progressive trajectory for his business. Robert’s presence leading his incredible team remains steadfast, marking the evolution of a legacy.

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