Rovena gained a wealth of experience working in the marketing department at Wells Fargo financial. She started her real estate journey selling foreclosures and then moved on to a full-service provider for investors. As her client database grew, she started her own business as a full-time real estate agent. She’s been at it since 2008, and while she works solo out in the field covering the Greater Montreal and North Shore territory, she has several assistants that help handle the back-end work.

A majority of her business is repeat clients and referrals from prior transactions. They come back and spread the word of her service because she’s an open and honest person, treating her clientele like friends and family. She handles her work quickly and efficiently, even though she juggles a lot of volume, always maintaining the top service and treatment possible. That caring touch continues as accompanies clients through the entire transaction process and beyond, even after the contract is signed.

Being fluent in several languages, including Greek and Italian as well as fluent in English and French keeps her deeply involved in assisting those communities find the right properties. Her help includes putting those communities in touch with a network of capable professionals to repair or update properties. While this is used to great effect before the sale to maximize the value of a property, she also offers her connections to those that have moved in and need a quick repair.

Besides supplying her professional connections, she tries to make personal contact several times a year to everyone she’s dealt with. This is sometimes to check if they need anything on a real estate level, but just as often it’s just to catch up and see how they’re doing on a personal level. A quick note or a gift keeps her business at the top of everyone’s mind. That level of care adds up to a value of around 5 million in listings a year, marketed through the REMAX site as well as other online publicity. Rovena enjoys communicating with people and getting to know them. She is a social person, and while getting more listings is always important, it’s not the main reason to keep in touch with everyone. She simply loves people and exploring the architecture of the houses she deals with, making her job sit her personality perfectly.

Over the next year, she’s hoping to double, if not triple, her sales volume. This will lead to the need to establish her own team, which she’s very much looking forward to. To handle that much business herself would limit the time she has to spend with her two daughters, and that won’t do. She needs to have the time for photography, dancing and reading in addition to the charity work she does for sick children at Fondation Opération Enfants Soleil. Until that team comes together, she will continue giving the best service available to anyone who comes to her, with special attention to the Italian and Greek communities she knows so well.

For more information, call 514-910-4128 and email [email protected]

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