Sherife Olmez of Melbourne, Victoria, brings a nurturing demeanor to her dual career in property management and real estate sales. “We’ve seen tremendous growth after the pandemic, as Melbournians moved from the city center and started working remotely, we’ve had to stay flexible. Our Biggin & Scott team has a regional office as well as a metropolitan office, and I help people who are looking to buy, invest, sell, or rent. I get to help them on that journey from start to finish.”

Originally, Sherife owned and operated a family business in retail sales while she was raising her two sons. When they reached an age of relative self sufficiency, she began seeking opportunities to expand her career. “We had done some renovations ourselves, bought and sold several properties, and I just love helping people – I felt like real estate would be the right fit.” Since becoming a licensed REALTOR® nine years ago, Sherife has grown her business by relying almost entirely on organic, word-of-mouth advertising, and she boasts a book of business that is over ninety percent repeat and referral clients. “It’s more of a personalized service, and I think that’s very appealing in the market we’re in at the moment. A lot of property management agencies have huge portfolios, and it’s impossible to get in contact with a manager who won’t pick up the phone – they lose that human element. I’m on the other side. I catch up with all of my landlords once every few months, over coffee or through Zoom. That’s what I enjoy most, and I think that’s what sets me apart.”

Her instinctive, interpersonal touch allows Sherife to work with anybody and everybody, and she prides herself on her range and breadth of business. “I work with everything from one bedroom apartments up to $3 million homes. In terms of rentals, we started off in the business about a year and half ago, and when I started we only had three properties. I’ve organically grown that to about sixty now.” Her unique ability to thrive in the space between landlord and tenant has cemented her in the property management business, and Sherife hopes to continue her work indefinitely. “I’d like to continue doing this until I’m at least ninety! It just doesn’t feel like work to me – I love putting deals together, and I love getting interesting people together. Especially on the rental side. Being able to facilitate difficult situations, even with what we’re going through with the cost of living – it’s a bit of a balancing act, but being the go-to person for both sides fits my nurturing personality.”

Sherife extends this care and attention to her family, her business, and her extended community. “We join and sponsor different things depending on what resonates with us. When the boys were in school I was part of the Mother’s Club and I did a lot of fundraising within the campus. Last year, I lost a close friend to breast cancer, so we’ve dedicated a lot of time to fun runs and charities for that in Melbourne.” By staying connected to her hometown and dedicating her business to a boutique model close to home in Melbourne, Bayside, and Regional Victoria in Neerim South, Sherife expects to grow her sales volume “as high as one hundred and twenty properties each year, but probably no more than that. I don’t want to sacrifice my relationships with my clients.”

To learn more about Sherife Olmez, visit, email, or call 0404 022 854.

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