In the heart of southwestern Ontario, where small-town charm abounds, Stacey Clarkson has not only made a name for herself in the real estate business but has become a pillar of her community. With almost a decade of experience and a portfolio boasting more than $71 million in sold real estate, Stacey’s journey is nothing short of inspiring.

Stacey’s real estate odyssey began in 2014 when she found herself at a crossroads after a second layoff from her previous job. Inspired by her father, a seasoned real estate professional, she decided to seize control of her destiny. “After having a good conversation with him I decided to take that leap, because it was pretty stressful being laid off from a job,” she recalls. “And it wasn’t the first time it had happened.” Nearly 10 years later, her decision has proven to be the right one. Stacey remains a solo act in the real estate arena. Her expertise is concentrated on the small town of Listowel in North Perth, a place close to her heart. “I was born and raised here in Listowel and moved back after college,” she shares. “I decided that if I was going to sell real estate, this is the place I want to do it.”

What sets Stacey apart is her impressive 70 percent repeat and referral business, a testament to her hard work and easy-going approach. “I offer down-to-earth, friendly service without pressure, and I give people the honest truth about what’s happening,” she explains. Staying connected is key for Stacey, who employs a mix of modern and traditional methods, from social media platforms to personalized cards and phone calls. In a world dominated by digital marketing, Stacey embraces both the new and the old. Facebook and Instagram play a significant role, but she doesn’t shy away from the appeal of traditional mail flyers. Her unique blend of marketing strategies is reflected in her impressive annual volume averaging more than $7 million.

Beyond real estate, Stacey is a community champion. She has dedicated herself to causes close to her heart, including serving as event chair for Relay for Life and volunteering with various fundraisers through the Listowel Memorial Hospital Foundation. “The Canadian Cancer Society holds a special place in my heart because I lost my stepmom to cancer,” she reveals. Her involvement extends to her children’s school and various town events, showcasing her commitment to the well-being of her community. Outside the hustle and bustle of real estate, Stacey cherishes time with her husband and daughters. Outdoor activities, family golf outings and travel are their favorite pastimes. And when she has a moment to herself, Stacey indulges in the simple pleasure of reading a good book.

Looking ahead, Stacey envisions developing a team under the Kempston and Werth umbrella, recognizing the value of collaboration. “The more volume I do, the harder it is to be a one-man show,” she admits. In the meantime, she will continue to work hard for her clients and her community. One thing is certain: the future is looking bright for Stacey Clarkson, who combines authenticity and community spirit into a winning combination to shape the landscape of real estate in North Perth.

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