Top real estate agent in Southern California Susan Cosentino of Malibu, California, fuels a thriving real estate business by combining her penchant for personable connection with decades of industry expertise and a work ethic honed by years of balancing her dynamic and competitive field all while raising six children, “Being a multi-tasker is my baseline. There’s a saying: ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person.’ and I think we exemplify this really well. Raising a family while building a business has made me someone who strives for efficiency while maintaining personal connection, quality, and integrity”.

A long time Malibu resident, Susan embarked on her real estate career twenty-three years ago and now that her children are grown she continues to build her career by serving a geographic range centered on Malibu, including Santa Barbara, LA, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica, and Brentwood and beyond. Today in 2023, her business continues to grow with the help of her daughter, Tessa. “Tessa joined me four years ago,” she exudes. “Working together allows us to delegate and capitalize on our individual strengths that then come together and propel the business forward as a whole.” By joining forces and leveraging the broadly cast digital footprint afforded by Compass, Susan is able to reach international clients and spread the Malibu lifestyle far and wide. “I absolutely love it here. Showing people the hidden gems of my town brings me tremendous joy – and running into clients while I’m on one of my morning beach runs is always a highlight in my day.”

By continuing to ground her practices in beauty and interpersonal connectedness, Susan is able to set her team apart from the competition in her bustling territory. A natural people-person, she shares that she’s “always kept that at the forefront, it lets me put my heart into my business. I get to be my authentic self while assisting others with what can often be one of their largest assets and that resonates.” This commitment to integrity extends beyond her clients and family: Susan currently serves on the Board of Directors and is President Elect for the Malibu Association of REALTORS®, and a chair for her local Adopt-A-Highway program, where she and her daughter volunteer twice a month to help keep the Pacific coastline pristine.

With her position cemented in the industry and several exciting listings, Susan’s ambitions continue their upward trajectory while being grounded in heartfelt, sustainable business practices. “We’ve done a lot of work streamlining our operations and back-end systems and finetuning our branding and digital marketing. It’s fun to build something like this together with your own daughter – we’re so in sync, and between the two of us we’re bridging the ever-evolving modern tech with the old school tried and true.”

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