Theresa Marrocco started in the real estate business when she was young, while her father was one of the largest developers in the state of Michigan. After Theresa graduated high school, she immediately began working alongside him, learning the skills and knowledge of building and development. After the 2008 housing market crash, Theresa opened up an eCommerce website which versed her in unique marketing methods. Then, on a whim in 2014, Theresa felt inspired to get her real estate license. Her past experiences gave her a smooth transition into the industry. “I wish I had done real estate sales earlier,” Theresa shares.

While Theresa has support on the side, today, she is a solo agent with her Broker’s license in Michigan. However, in 2019, she became licensed in Florida. While Florida now holds the brunt of her business, she has accomplished retaining Michigan clients. While her Florida business is mainly out-of-state buyers, 100% of her Michigan business is based on repeat and referral customers due to her honest and straightforward approach. This, paired with her charisma, causes her clients to continuously return to work with her. Theresa attributes her ability to work with others well as something she learned from her father. She often hears she treats people like family. “It’s how my dad did business, and that’s how I learned to treat others,” Theresa shares.

Additionally, Theresa’s background in the building world has allowed her to easily give referrals for home improvements for her clients. Alongside her altruistic nature is her niche for brainstorming creative ideas for the house. Theresa reminisces about a comment from one of her clients who told her,” When you walk into a house, you always pick which wall you want to take down first!”

For Theresa, her relationships with clients form effortlessly, and often they become lifelong friends. Next to the organic friendships formed from
Theresa’s personable approach to working with clients, she stays in touch with them through social media and daily communication. When it comes to marketing, Theresa prefers video marketing. She has recently begun implementing narrated videos as an avenue of advertising. This strategy circles back to her past trade as an eCommerce business owner, where she leans on the promotional methods of various unrelated industries to offer a different approach and stay on top of current marketing trends. This last year alone, Theresa closed an astonishing seven million in volume.

Despite her success, the most treasured aspects of her career fall into her love of people, houses, and connecting with others. When Theresa is not catching up with her clients, she is active in her community, partaking alongside her brokerage with various causes like the 5K Walk for
breast cancer and fundraising to support the Fort Myers community after Hurricane Ian. When Theresa has spare time, you will find her traveling and cooking. While Theresa has arrived at a comfortable place in her real estate career, she is starting a podcast called “The Florida Diaries” and continues communicating through social media videos. It’s been a successful journey for Theresa, and she sums it up in a few words, “I love what I do!”

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