Tuesdee Davis of Morristown, Tennessee, grounds her real estate business on a dedication to stresslessness, communicative transparency, and tight knit community. “I will do anything and everything that I can do to make buying or selling a home easier for my clients. I treat them like family – that’s just who I am.”

Originally, Tuesdee attended real estate courses in 2004 in South Carolina and privately pursued her passion for home ownership while she raised her children. “I waited until 2018 to get fully licensed, since by then my kids were almost grown. I always loved the experience of purchasing property, I just wished it could be less stressful. That’s what I set out to do!” Today, in 2022, Tuesdee services everything east of Knoxville, Tennessee, and she boasts a book of business that is one hundred percent repeat and referral clients. Despite never purchasing leads, Tuesdee has already managed to clear $10 million in total volume by November of this year, and her exponential growth has her seeking additional agents to join her team. “I’ll work with anybody and everybody, but when it comes to agents on my team, I’m going to be super picky. I want a team of people who will treat others the way that I do.”

Tuesdee attributes her success to a combination of around-the-clock service and diligent digital advertising. “I hate to be one of those people who doesn’t have a cut-off, but if I’m awake and you have a question, I don’t mind taking a call. That’s what I do for family.” This unwavering dedication to service requires diligence, patience, and occasionally, a helping hand from willing family members: “My husband and boys have helped unload UHauls of clients over the weekends – this is not just for a client, this is someone I will have in my life forever.” Tuesdee’s all-in-the-family approach is a cornerstone of her business, and it was recently recognized in the Citizen’s Tribune People’s Choice Awards when she was voted #1 real estate agent for 2022 in Hamblen County by other business professionals.

While she celebrates the growth of her enterprise, Tuesdee is quick to acknowledge the contributions of her clients and extended community. Her Facebook page, which is a hybrid of personal and professional media, is a pivotal platform for her marketing approach. “It helps me stay connected, and any time I get tagged, it’s someone guaranteeing that no matter the budget, I can help you find what you’re looking for. I also have a private Facebook group only for clients who have referred me in the past – every time I have a closing, I do a giveaway there, usually for an Amazon gift card. I just had my first annual picnic for them – catering, giveaways, everything – if you take care of people, they’ll do the same right back.” Tuesdee also spreads her success and grows her family by contributing to her local community. She previously sat on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity, and she currently sits on the board for MATS (a local homeless shelter). In addition to that, Tuesdee also regularly orchestrates clothing drives. Tuesdee also sponsors Deck The Yard – Light Up East TN, this is her 3rd annual holiday decorating contest for many surrounding counties, just to give families an idea of where to go to see holiday lights for some family fun!

When she is not growing her business, Tuesdee spends every waking moment with her family, and constantly seeks opportunities to challenge herself. “I was the girl in school that was too shy to talk to anybody – real estate really pushes me to overcome my anxiety and be my best self!”

To learn more about Tuesdee Davis, email tuesdee@mountainlakehomestn.com or call 423-243-4445.


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