The annual Don’t Move, Improve! Awards showcase exceptional innovation and creativity in home improvements across London.

If you’ve been thinking about moving, London’s built-environment community wants you to consider staying put.

On Tuesday night, the New London Architecture group (NLA) held its 15th annual Don’t Move, Improve! awards, showcasing the most innovative and sustainable home renovations around the city.

This year’s Home of the Year prize, selected from more than 150 entries, was awarded to Aden Grove, a house in the borough of Hackney. The project, by Emil Eve Architects, added 765 square feet to what had been a 1,065-square-foot mid-terrace home using two colorful terra-cotta tiled additions — one at the rear, one on the roof — and maximized space by using the full width of the narrow lot where possible, including in the new kitchen and dining area.

The prize-winning Aden Grove house before the renovation.Taran Wilkhu
The Aden Grove house after, with terra cotta tiling.Taran Wilkhu

“Growing up, I always lived in a house and had a nice big garden, so I spent a lot of time outside,” said Matjaz Cuk, who lives in the house with his partner Tess Bridgman and their 5-month-old daughter. “Since then, it was always a struggle. You were in small flats and you never had space. And then being able to finally have a nice space where you can access the garden, and you can be in the house and enjoy the garden as well, so kind of bringing everything together, that was such a big change.”

Aden Grove also won the prize for Materiality and Craftsmanship, “for its exquisite use of materials and commitment to quality construction, utilizing tiles in a way that we don’t see often in an exterior environment,” according to the judges’ comments.

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