Maybe you’re working from home more often — or you need a place to retreat from the world. Here’s how to make your bedroom do double (or triple) duty.

Making the most of whatever space you have is just good sense — whether you’ve recently bought your dream home or, like many people, are staying put until the housing market calms down.

The obvious place to start? Your bedroom.

Sure, it’s used for sleeping at night, but what about the rest of the time? With a little planning, it could double as a home office — or maybe a library or a playroom. It could even be a place to make cappuccino.

“It’s something we’re being asked to do more and more,” said Sean Anderson, an interior designer based in Memphis. “A lot of it has stemmed from the shift in the past couple of years to remote work. The bedroom needs to be this place of solitude, but it also needs to be multifunctional. People want a spot to lounge, a spot to work and, obviously, a place to sleep.”

William Hefner, an interior designer in Los Angeles, said he gets similar requests from frazzled parents who want their bedrooms to serve as a retreat. “They can close that door to do some work or some exercise,” he said. “Or make some coffee or open a bottle of champagne.”

So what’s the best way to turn your bedroom into a multifunctional space? He and other designers shared their secrets.

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