Property ID Corporation presents the Only NHD in Chinese

CONTRA COSTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 20, 2022 / — In celebrating our history of inclusive diversity and the lunar new year, Property ID announced today the nationwide launching of Property ID NHD reports in Chinese, the first NHD company to provide multi-language real estate disclosure reports. Property ID has once again illustrated its top-notch customer success profession, bringing the convenience and diversity components into its products. NHD in Chinese is now available and only from Property ID.

Property ID’s disclosure report can quickly analyze an array of elements, and now with the NHD in Chinese, it has launched an even better user experience. By combining the most extensive real estate disclosure data with disruptive technology and intensive customer care. Property ID, the founder of the NHD industry, is driving its purpose to provide the best NHD reports for all.

With over 40+ years in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive and secure NHD reports you can find.

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为庆祝我们包容多元化的历史和即将到来的农历新年,Property ID 今天宣布在全国推出NHD中文报告。做为第一家提供多语言自然灾害披露报告(NHD)的公司,Property ID再次展示了其一流的客户服务宗旨,将便利性和多样性带入其产品中。中文 NHD现已上市,由Property ID独家提供,请登录

Property ID 通过将最广泛的房地产披露数据,颠覆性技术,还有客户服务相结合,为其NHD精准快速的分析和加载一系列风险元素。 Property ID是NHD行业的创始公司和先锋,凭借40多年的行业经验致力于为客户提供最完善NHD报告。

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