On “Unsellable Houses,” Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have proven time and again that they can pinpoint which upgrades will help sell a house. And on the latest episode, their secret is a new version of the popular modern farmhouse style that ends up paying off, big-time.

In the Season 3 episode “Love Tub to Shower Power,” the sisters tour the three-bedroom, three-bathroom home of Emily and Glenn in Snohomish, WA. Emily is a designer so, of course, the house is decorated beautifully, but there are a couple of big-ticket areas that need some massive changes.

“The two things in their home that need to be touched are the two biggest budget items: the kitchen and the main bath,” Davis says. “So if the numbers don’t work out, we can’t do it.”

Luckily, the HGTV stars decide to move ahead and give this home a style they call “organic farmhouse,” which is a more natural, eco-friendly take on the original modern farmhouse style. This new look makes complete sense in today’s eco-conscious environment, and it’s budget-friendly to boot: One upgrade they add is not only free, but also saves money! Here’s how they pull it off, plus some simple ways you can adopt the look around your own abode.

A good house needs a good driveway

Before: This house had a muddy, grassy area.


This home’s main problem areas are the kitchen and the bathroom, but Davis and Lamb know that the exterior could use a refresh as well.

One spot where they see room for improvement is the side of the house, where a mud patch is taking the place of a driveway. The sisters know buyers won’t like seeing an ugly patch of mud, but they also know buyers won’t fall in love with the house just because of a freshly poured cement driveway.

“The need for the driveway is so high, but the value the buyer’s going to give it is going to be very minimal,” Lamb says. “If we don’t do it, they’re going to notice it. But if we do it, they’ll never notice that we did it.”

new driveway
After: The sisters gave the home a new driveway.


Davis agrees, setting the exterior budget at a strict $5,000.

“We just really need to address the issue,” she explains. “We don’t need to necessarily come up with the world’s best solution. We need to address the issue so that it’s not a reason not to select our home.”

To fix this mud pit without spending too much, they add a small gravel parking area. It’s a vast improvement that eliminates this eyesore without blowing their budget.


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Organic farmhouse all starts with a rain catcher

wine barrel
This wine barrel is a perfect rain catcher.


To make this exterior extra special, the sisters get an idea to add a rain catcher. While a rain catcher isn’t exactly at the top of every buyer’s list, Davis and Lamb know that a cool wine barrel rain catcher will help this house stand out, and it’ll go with the home’s design.

“This is just setting the tone of that organic farmhouse that we’re trying to create,” Lamb says.

As it turns out, this rain catcher is an easy addition. The twins get some barrels from a local brewery for free and get busy with some DIY magic.

“All we need is the barrel, a pump, a pipe to attach to it, FlexiTube to put it all together into our downspout,” Davis says.

It’s a fun addition that looks cute, will save water (and money), and will surely stand out to buyers.


Renovating the kitchen offers a great return on investment

dated kitchen
Before: This dated kitchen wasn’t going to impress high-end buyers.


Inside the house, Lamb and Davis know they’ll need to spend big on the kitchen. This room can be a big selling point for buyers, and if the sisters want to get top dollar for this house, this kitchen needs to be perfect.

The team extends the kitchen footprint into the too-large laundry room, installs new white cabinetry, and adds a marble backsplash. These are pricey upgrades, but Lamb knows they’ll be worth it in the end.

“There are a lot of things that we are doing in this kitchen that are really intentional to make sure that we’re getting that list price up,” she says.

updated kitchen
After: Buyers will love the new cabinets and new floor.


But not every upgrade needs to break the bank. Lamb and Davis know that the flooring needs to be replaced. So, instead of spending a boatload on hardwood, they buy new luxury vinyl flooring in a blond color that gives the kitchen a fresh, organic look.

“The wide planks are classic farmhouse,” Davis says.

A pricey sink can really pay off

farmhouse sink
A farmhouse sink adds a pop of color to the kitchen.


To finish this kitchen, the sisters spend a little extra cash on a $1,850 quartz apron sink. The blue makes an impression, and Davis is sure it’ll go with the theme of Lamb’s design.

“Nothing says farmhouse like an apron-front sink,” Davis says. “This soft blue adds a pop of organic color, which plays beautifully with those new charcoal gray countertops and those clean white cabinets.”

Remove the tub for a spacious shower

Before: This “love tub” took up too much space.


When Lamb and Davis first see the main bathroom, they’re excited about all the space but unimpressed by the massive, heart-shaped bathtub taking up so much room. They remove the feature (which they call the “love tub”) and add a show-stopping, walk-in shower that they know wouldn’t work in every house.

“With this main bathroom, we knew we had to make a large shower, a custom shower to hit the price point that we wanted with this home,” Davis says. “We definitely cannot pull this off in every home that we’re at, because the square footage and the configuration wouldn’t work.”

new shower
After: Lyndsay Lamb wanted to keep this shower open.


They choose cobalt gray porcelain tile for the shower walls and then make the surprising choice of skipping a shower door.

“It’s a little different, it’s a little funky, but I think it gets across the point of: You’re getting a real high-end shower here,” Lamb says of the choice.

Does this unsellable house finally sell?

When Lamb and Davis first see this house, they’re sure it would sell for $750,000, but Emily and Glenn want to sell it for top dollar. The twins put $100,000 into the renovation and list the property for $975,000.

Once the home is on the market, the homeowners get multiple offers and accept one for a shocking $1,150,000. After Lamb and Davis get back their investment, they still have a profit of $300,000 to split with Emily and Glenn.

For a house that Lamb and Davis almost didn’t take on, $150,000 is a big win!

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