Known for its lively entertainment scene and stunning natural surroundings, Reno, NV, offers a unique blend of urban excitement and outdoor adventure. Whether you’re drawn to the bright lights of the casinos or the serene beauty of Lake Tahoe, Reno has something for everyone. From its rich history as a mining town to its modern reputation as the “Biggest Little City in the World,” Reno is a place where you can experience the best of both worlds. Whether you’re settling into a new apartment in Reno or have been a longtime resident, this Redfin article will dive into some fun facts about Reno you’ll want to know.

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Quick facts about Reno

Median home sale price $535,000
Average monthly rent $1,480
Walk Score 40/100
Transit Score 24/100
Bike Score 52/100

1. Reno is known as the “Biggest Little City”

Reno is affectionately known as “The Biggest Little City in the World.” This nickname captures the essence of Reno’s charm, offering the amenities and attractions of a larger city while maintaining a tight-knit, welcoming community feel. The phrase first appeared on a neon archway over Virginia Street in the late 1920s and has since become an enduring symbol of the city’s unique identity.

2. The first pair of blue jeans was made in Reno

In 1871, Reno became the birthplace of the iconic blue jeans. Jacob Davis, a tailor living in the city, created the first pair of riveted jeans to meet the needs of laborers requiring durable workwear. He partnered with businessman Levi Strauss to patent this innovation, leading to the global phenomenon of Levi’s jeans that we know today.

3. A Reno casino was granted the state’s first gaming license

Harold’s Club, a historic casino in Reno, made history in 1931 by receiving the first gaming license in Nevada. This event marked the beginning of Reno’s transformation into a major entertainment hub. In fact, Reno has the ninth-most casinos of any city in the world.

4. Reno hosts one of the biggest classic car events in the country

Reno hosts Hot August Nights, one of the largest classic car events in the United States. This annual celebration takes place in August, featuring vintage cars, live music, and nostalgic events, teleporting attendees to the 1950s and 1960s. Car enthusiasts from all over the country gather in Reno to showcase their vehicles and participate in various competitions.

5. Artown Festival

Every July, Reno becomes a cultural hotspot with the Artown Festival, a month-long celebration of the arts. With a vast array of events, including music, dance, theater, and visual arts, the festival attracts artists and performers from around the world. Artown adds to Reno’s cultural landscape and provides residents and visitors with a wide range of artistic experiences.

lake tahoe

6. Reno is a short drive away from Lake Tahoe

Just a short drive from Reno lies the breathtaking Lake Tahoe, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural beauty. This proximity allows Reno residents and visitors to easily access world-class outdoor recreational activities, such as skiing, hiking, and boating. Lake Tahoe’s year-round attractions make it a popular spot for those seeking adventure and relaxation alike.

7. The Reno Arch was built to promote the construction of a highway

The Reno Arch is an iconic landmark that has greeted visitors since it was first erected in 1926. Initially constructed to promote the Transcontinental Highways Exposition, an event highlighting the construction of the Lincoln Highway, the arch has undergone several updates, including the addition of energy-efficient LED lights in 2018.

8. Reno was formerly known as the “Divorce Capital”

In the early 20th century, Reno gained notoriety as the “Divorce Capital of the World.” The city’s lenient residency requirements—only six weeks—attracted individuals from across the country seeking a quick and relatively easy divorce.

9. Reno has a high desert climate

Reno is situated in a high desert valley at the eastern foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, resulting in hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters. This unique environment provides a distinctive backdrop for the city, influencing its outdoor activities and lifestyle. Residents and visitors can enjoy a variety of seasonal sports and events that take advantage of Reno’s diverse weather patterns.

10. Air races are held every year in Reno

The National Championship Air Races, held annually in Reno, is a thrilling event that showcases the world’s fastest motorsport. Pilots from around the globe compete in various classes, flying at speeds exceeding 500 mph. The event, held at Reno-Stead Airport, offers spectators an adrenaline-pumping experience with jaw-dropping aerial displays

Methodology: The median home sale price and average monthly rental data is from the Redfin Data Center. The Walk Score, Transit Score and Bike Score data is from Walk Score.

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