Nestled in the heart of northern Alabama, Huntsville is known for its rich history, thriving aerospace industry, and stunning natural landscapes. With its deep ties to space exploration and technological innovation, Huntsville draws residents from all over. Whether it’s the renowned U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the picturesque Monte Sano State Park, or the vibrant arts and entertainment scene, there is always something to discover and enjoy in Huntsville.

The average rent in Huntsville is $1,401, while the median home sale price is $317,180. If you’re considering calling this city home, Redfin has collected 4 popular Huntsville neighborhoods. From homes filled with character and charm to modern apartments for rent in Huntsville, this city has something for everyone.

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1. Downtown Huntsville

Downtown Huntsville is the heart of the city and is home to many attractions, including the Huntsville Museum of Art, Big Spring International Park, and the Von Braun Center. The area is also known as “Quigley,” and you can also find local shops, restaurants, and museums. Downtown Huntsville features a mix of housing types, including historic homes, modern apartments, and luxury condos. Architectural styles range from Victorian to contemporary.

Median Sale Price: $540,000

Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment: $1,252

Homes for Sale in Downtown | Apartments for Rent in Downtown

2. Medical District

The Medical District is conveniently located near several major hospitals and medical facilities. The neighborhood is near several attractions, such as Mayfair Park and the historic Twickenham district. Home styles in the Medical District include historic bungalows, mid-century ranch homes, and modern townhouses.

Median Sale Price: $720,000

Average Rent for 1-Bedroom Apartment: $920 | Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment: $1,050

Homes for Sale in Medical District | Apartments for Rent in Medical District

Popular Park in Hunstville

3. Monte Sano

Monte Sano is known for its natural beauty and outdoor attractions, including Monte Sano State Park and the Burritt on the Mountain Museum. The neighborhood offers a peaceful retreat from the city while conveniently located near downtown Huntsville. Housing in Monte Sano includes charming cottages, rustic cabins, and custom-built homes, all nestled in the area’s scenic landscape.

Median Sale Price: $540,000

Homes for Sale in Monte Sano | Apartments for Rent in Monte Sano

4. Southeast Quadrant

The Southeast Quadrant is a vibrant neighborhood with various attractions, including the Goldsmith Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary, Blevins Gap Nature Preserve, and Valley Hill Country Club. Housing options in the Southeast Quadrant include single-family homes, townhouses, and modern apartment complexes, offering a range of architectural styles from traditional to contemporary.

Median Sale Price: $365,000

Average Rent for 1-Bedroom Apartment: $1,130 | Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment: $1,325

Homes for Sale in Southeast Quadrant | Apartments for Rent in Southeast Quadrant

Methodology: All neighborhoods must be listed as a “neighborhood” on Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during February 2024. Average rental data from during February 2024.

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