From the stunning beaches of Waianae to the lush landscapes of Wailuku, Hawaii is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. The state’s vibrant culture and rich history are evident in the charming town of Kahului, while the breathtaking scenery of Kalaoa provides a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.  If you’re considering moving to the state or want to learn more, this Redfin article will guide you through 9 small towns in Hawaii to explore.

1. Waianae, HI

Median Sale Price: $634,500
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Waianae is a beautiful coastal town known for its stunning beaches and rich cultural heritage. Visitors and residents alike enjoy activities such as snorkeling, surfing, and exploring the local farmer’s markets. The town is also home to the Waianae Mountain Range, offering gorgeous hiking trails and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Wailuku, HI

Median Sale Price: $960,000
Homes for sale in Wailuku | Apartments for rent in Wailuku

Wailuku is a charming town located in the heart of Maui. It’s recognized for its historic sites, including the Bailey House Museum and the Iao Valley State Park. Locals of Wailuku enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, with easy access to beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and a variety of local eateries serving delicious Hawaiian cuisine.

3. Kahului, HI

Median Sale Price: $914,500
Homes for sale in Kahului | Apartments for rent in Kahului

The bustling town of Kahului is known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. The Maui Arts and Cultural Center hosts a variety of events, including concerts, art exhibits, and performances. Residents of Kahului also enjoy easy access to shopping centers, restaurants, and beautiful beaches, making it a desirable place to live.

An Oahu beach house

4. Kalaoa, HI

Median Sale Price: $999,000
Homes for sale in Kalaoa | Apartments for rent in Kalaoa

Kalaoa is a picturesque town located on the western coast of the Big Island. While in Kalaoa, you can enjoy a peaceful and serene lifestyle, with opportunities for outdoor activities such as snorkeling, fishing, and whale watching during the winter months.

5. Makawao, HI

Median Sale Price: $926,000
Homes for sale in Makawao | Apartments for rent in Makawao

This upcountry town is recognized for its paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) heritage and vibrant arts community. The town is home to a variety of art galleries, boutiques, and restaurants, offering a unique blend of local culture and creativity. Residents and visitors can also explore the nearby Haleakalā National Park, well-known for its stunning sunrises and diverse ecosystems.

6. Lahaina, HI

Median Sale Price: $920,000
Homes for sale in Lahaina | Apartments for rent in Lahaina

Lahaina is a historic town on the western coast of Maui, Hawaii. One unique aspect of Lahaina is Front Street, lined with historic buildings, shops, galleries, and restaurants, offering a blend of local crafts and international cuisine. Visitors can also experience traditional Hawaiian culture at the annual Lahaina Restoration Foundation events, such as the Lahaina Plantation Days and the Hawaiian Music Series.

7. Wahiawa, HI

Median Sale Price: $765,000
Homes for sale in Wahiawa | Apartments for rent in Wahiawa

Located in the central part of Oahu lays Wahiawa. Here, you can immerse yourself in the town’s rich agricultural history by visiting the the Dole Plantation, where visitors can learn about the island’s pineapple heritage. Locals of Wahiawa enjoy a close-knit community and easy access to outdoor activities, including hiking, botanical gardens, and scenic drives through the surrounding mountains.

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8. Ewa Gentry, HI

Median Sale Price: $785,000
Homes for sale in Ewa Gentry | Apartments for rent in Ewa Gentry

Ewa Gentry is a planned community located on the southwestern coast of Oahu. The town offers a range of amenities, including shopping centers, golf courses, and parks. With its proximity to the Hoakalei Country Club, the town offers residents and visitors access to a championship golf course with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, Ewa Gentry is close to popular beaches like White Plains Beach and Kahe Point Beach Park, providing opportunities for water activities and relaxation.

9. Waipahu, HI

Median Sale Price: $585,000
Homes for sale in Waipahu | Apartments for rent in Waipahu

Waipahu is a small town in Hawaii situated on the island of Oahu. People living here enjoy a variety of activities, including visiting the historic Waipahu Cultural Garden Park, exploring the local shops and eateries at the Waipahu Shopping Plaza, and hiking in nearby areas like the Waikele Ridge Trail. Living in Waipahu offers a blend of suburban tranquility, cultural richness, and convenient access to amenities, making it an appealing place to call home for many.

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