San Antonio is a treasure trove of beautiful places. From state parks to wedding venues, there’s plenty of beauty to draw you in and make you want to move to San Antonio. After getting to know what it’s like to live in the city, you might start exploring renting an apartment in San Antonio or even buying a home in the city.

Sourced from San Antonio locals, here’s Redfin’s guide to just a handful of the most beautiful places in San Antonio, Texas. To see more, you may just have to move here.

1. Hot Wells Ruins & Camp Hot Wells

For Cassie Constanzo, local San Antonio photographer, one of the most beautiful places in San Antonio is the site of the Hot Wells Hotel and Spa ruins and the accompanying Camp Hot Wells. “Here, you can enjoy both a beautifully landscaped park, natural hot spring soaking tubs, thoughtfully curated wine & snacks in the shadows of the Hot Wells ruins. A luxurious hotel and bathhouse of the 19th century that sadly burned down in 1894, this piece of Texas history has been well preserved and has created a scenic stop in San Antonio,” shares Cassie.

A photo of the Hot Wells Ruins taken by Cassie Costanzo. One of the beautiful places San Antonio has to offer
Photo courtesy of Cassie Constanzo

2. Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center

Originally constructed in 1968 as part of that year’s HemisFair, the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center has seen multiple expansions and additions to meet the growing demand for the space. The “Stars at Night” ballroom is the largest in Texas and sports 652 LED lights. “The Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center is one of the most beautiful locations in the city. It is perfect for conventions, family gatherings and tourist visits as it adds a local ambiance and unique flavor to San Antonio,” shares local photographer Steve Fanning.

A photo of the convention center building in San Antonio, taken by Stephen Fanning.
Photo courtesy of Steve Fanning

3. The Majestic Theatre

Another one of Steve Fanning’s picks for most beautiful places in San Antonio is the Majestic Theatre. First opened on June 14, 1929, the Majestic Theatre was one of the last atmospheric theaters designed by John Eberson for Karl St. John Hoblitzelle of Interstate Amusement Company. 

The building holds an auditorium with a seating capacity of over 2000 and was the first air-conditioned theater in the South. Inside, the ceiling of the auditorium is painted blue with lightbulbs used for stars. Moving clouds are also projected onto the ceiling, creating the aesthetic of a real nighttime sky. “The Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio is historically significant as its unique beauty makes experiencing any theatrical performance a lifetime memory,” shares Steve.

The inside of the Majestic is one of the beautiful places in San Antonio, captured by Stephen Fanning.
Photo courtesy of Steve Fanning

4. The Eilan Hotel and Spa

Local photographer David Pezzat has taken his time sourcing the most beautiful places in San Antonio. He mentions that “Eilan Hotel and Spa boasts an elegant and picturesque setting ideal for wedding and engagement portraits. Its grounds are beautifully adorned with Cantera stone, charming gazebos, a grand staircase, and a stunning water fountain at its heart, creating a uniquely captivating backdrop for capturing those special moments.”

A couple stands on the steps of Eilan Hotel and Spa, captured by David Pezzat.
Photo courtesy of David Pezzat

5. The Historic Pearl Brewery

Another one of David Pezzat’s recommendations is the Historic Pearl Brewery. “Located in the heart of downtown San Antonio, it is rich in both history and charm,” shares David Pezzat. “The Pearl is my go-to spot for capturing engagement portraits, thanks to its vibrant surroundings of coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. This area offers a picturesque backdrop for a romantic evening out, making it a perfect setting for those special moments.”

A couple gets married at the Historic Pearl Brewery, captured by David Pezzat
Photo courtesy of David Pezzat

6. Lambermont Estate

Another beautiful place in San Antonio is the Lambermont Estate. Constructed in 1894 as a wedding gift for Edwin Terrell’s beloved bride, Lois Lasater, this historic residence emanates meticulous attention to detail. “The picturesque space features 16-inch limestone walls, oak and pine wood floors, and five fireplaces on the first floor, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship,” shares Lambermont Events. “Its thoughtful design radiates beauty and charm. Lambermont Estate is a great location for various photography styles, from vivid and vibrant to soft and airy, making it undeniably one of the most romantic spots in San Antonio.”

David Pezzat adds, “It’s my favorite place to photograph weddings and couples that are engaged. Their lush grounds are ideal for weddings, and their rooms inside offer a more intimate setting.”

A photo of the Lambermont Estate at night, one of the beautiful places in San Antonio.
Photo courtesy of Lambermont Events

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