When it comes to Maine, there’s no denying the natural beauty that surrounds the state. With its picturesque coastline, charming small towns, and vibrant communities, Maine offers a unique and uplifting living experience. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city of Portland or the quaint town of Lewiston, a sense of warmth and community permeates throughout. From the delicious seafood to the outdoor recreational activities, Maine has something for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’re considering making Maine your home, this Redfin article will guide you through the biggest cities in Maine.

1. Portland, Maine

Population: 68,408
Median Sale Price: $515,000
Portland, ME homes for sale
Portland, ME houses for rent

Living in Portland stands as a picturesque coastal city known for its maritime heritage and vibrant cultural scene. Nestled along the shores of Casco Bay, Portland offers a charming waterfront dotted with historic buildings and a bustling Old Port district, home to eclectic shops and seafood restaurants. With its maritime history, cultural richness, and scenic beauty blend, Portland encapsulates a unique and thriving community along the New England coast.

2. Lewiston, Maine

Population: 37,121
Median Sale Price: $305,000
Lewiston, ME homes for sale
Lewiston, ME houses for rent

Lewiston harmonizes its industrial heritage with a burgeoning cultural scene. Lewiston is nestled along the Androscoggin River and boasts a revitalized downtown area where historic mills coexist with art galleries and local eateries. The city’s commitment to the arts is evident in venues like the Franco-American Heritage Center, while outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nearby Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary.

3. Bangor, Maine

Population: 31,753
Median Sale Price: $259,950
Bangor, ME homes for sale
Bangor, ME houses for rent

Bangor’s downtown area exudes charm along the Penobscot River with historic architecture, boutique shops, and various dining options. Home to the iconic Stephen King, the city celebrates its literary heritage, and residents can explore landmarks like the Paul Bunyan statue. With a thriving arts scene, including the Bangor Symphony Orchestra and the annual American Folk Festival, Bangor offers a dynamic community in Maine’s heart that embraces tradition and creativity.

4. South Portland, Maine

Population: 26,498
Median Sale Price: $419,000
South Portland, ME homes for sale
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South Portland’s coastal enclave combines a maritime ambiance with a thriving community spirit. Situated along the shores of Casco Bay, the city offers scenic waterfront views and access to parks like Bug Light Park, where residents can enjoy outdoor activities. The vibrant Mill Creek area provides a mix of local shops and restaurants, creating a lively atmosphere.

5. Auburn, Maine

Population: 24,061
Median Sale Price: $275,000
Auburn, ME homes for sale
Auburn, ME houses for rent

The downtown area of Auburn features a mix of locally-owned businesses, offering residents a range of shopping and dining experiences. Auburn’s commitment to green spaces is evident in places like the Auburn Riverwalk, providing scenic trails for outdoor enthusiasts. With a strong sense of community and various cultural events, including the annual Great Falls Balloon Festival, Auburn offers a welcoming and diverse living experience.


6. Biddeford, Maine

Population: 22,552
Median Sale Price: $351,000
Biddeford, ME homes for sale
Biddeford, ME houses for rent

Residents enjoy the scenic beauty of the Saco River in Biddeford, while the presence of the University of New England contributes to a vibrant community atmosphere. With its emphasis on preserving local history, fostering arts, and embracing the coastal lifestyle, Biddeford is a distinctive and evolving city in Southern Maine.

7. Sanford, Maine

Population: 21,982
Median Sale Price: $335,000
Sanford, ME homes for sale
Sanford, ME houses for rent

Along the Mousam River, Sanford offers recreational opportunities at places like Gowen Park and the Sanford-Springvale Rail Trail. The city’s commitment to community events, such as the annual Sanford International Film Festival, fosters a sense of belonging and cultural engagement. Sanford encapsulates a welcoming atmosphere, making it a unique and appealing place to call home in Southern Maine.

8. Westbrook, Maine

Population: 20,400
Median Sale Price: $480,000
Westbrook, ME homes for sale
Westbrook, ME houses for rent

Westbrook is a dynamic suburban city with residential neighborhoods and thriving commercial areas. The revitalized downtown district features a range of local businesses, offering residents diverse shopping and dining experiences. Near the Presumpscot River, Westbrook provides picturesque waterfront views, and outdoor enthusiasts can explore the scenic River Walk.

9. Saco, Maine

Population: 20,381
Median Sale Price: $515,000
Saco, ME homes for sale
Saco, ME houses for rent

Saco is a coastal gem harmonizing historic charm with a scenic waterfront setting. The downtown area showcases well-preserved architecture and a mix of locally-owned shops, creating a quaint and inviting atmosphere. Residents enjoy the beauty of Saco Bay and the popular Ferry Beach State Park for outdoor activities. The city’s commitment to cultural events, such as the Saco Sidewalk Arts Festival, reflects a vibrant community spirit.

10. Augusta, Maine

Population: 18,899
Median Sale Price: $210,000
Augusta, ME homes for sale
Augusta, ME houses for rent

The state capital, Augusta, exudes a blend of historical significance and modern governance. The iconic Maine State House dominates the skyline, representing the city’s political hub. Alongside government buildings, the downtown area offers a mix of local businesses, cultural venues like the Maine State Museum, and access to the scenic Kennebec River Rail Trail.

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