Dive into the world of neon home design, where creativity meets luminosity. In this Redfin article, we will cover five unique ways to infuse neon into your home, transcending traditional interior design. From neon signs that radiate personalized messages to glowing pillows and wallpaper that redefine ambiance, these tips will blend boldness with sophistication into your home’s design. So, whether you’re renting a house in Portland, ME, or an apartment in Hartford, CT, explore these innovative design strategies to make neon an integral part of your home’s aesthetic.

Photo courtesy of Let There Be Neon

What is neon?

Neon is a chemical element belonging to the noble gas group. In its natural state, neon is a colorless, odorless gas that exhibits a distinctive reddish-orange glow when electrically charged, making it widely used in neon signs and other forms of lighting. Neon color has since expanded and is used in other forms, such as fabrics, paint, and wallpaper.

“A Nobel Prize-winning discovery in 1898, neon electrified our nocturnal visual landscape. King from the 1920’s through the 60’s, neon faded, and has roared back. Forget what’s old is new again — neon is timeless,” shares neon painter BORBAY.

“Real glass neon signs cast a bright light onto any space. It can only be made by hand, so no two pieces are alike, especially when all design aspects are yours to choose,” adds neon designer Let There Be Neon.

“Contrary to what most people have been told, neon is a sustainable, energy-efficient, and non-toxic light source. It’s a wonderful way to support local craftspeople and add a pop of color and vibes,” notes SHE BENDS, an organization that builds an equitable future through neon.

Ways to incorporate neon in your home

1. Neon throw pillows

Neon throw pillows instantly bring life and personality into any home decor scheme with bold hues and luminescent charm.

“A great way to incorporate neon into your home is through accent pieces like neon throw pillows or vibrant artwork that tie into the color scheme. These additions can instantly add a playful and energetic atmosphere without overwhelming the space,” says Elaine, founder of  Neon Life.

2. Neon signs

Neon signs, with their captivating glow and customizable designs, serve as radiant focal points.

Thomas Numan of Radikal Neon® states, “Neon signs act as a vibrant burst of personality, giving your space that distinctive touch. A custom neon sign could be the perfect option if you need to infuse some neon goodness into your home.”

“A neon sign is a dynamic statement piece, effortlessly transforming a room from mundane to extraordinary. Whether it’s a custom phrase, a favorite quote, or a quirky symbol, these creations add a unique and contemporary flair to any living space,” adds custom sign-making company BadassNeon.

“Consider incorporating LED Neon signs into your home for a modern and eye-catching touch. Whether it’s a motivational quote in the living room or a playful symbol in the bedroom, LED Neon signs effortlessly infuse personality and style. Their versatility allows creative placements, such as above a home bar or framing a gallery wall,” remarks Australian-based Unrivaled Neon.

Neon sign ideas you should try

Last name signs

“Adding a pop of neon to a neutral space is a fun way to brighten and modernize things, as well as bring a sense of personality,” shares Jessica Tilton of Southern Oak Events. “One trend I am seeing is newlywed couples displaying their new last name in their homes. Try adding it above a bar cart or reading nook.”

Quote signs

“LED neon is the perfect, sustainable way to give your home an instant lift, creating captivating moments in everyday spaces. Picture a “Let’s stay home” sign in your kitchen or living room, showcasing your personality and adding a warm glow. Neon art can also enliven your patio or home bar like a ‘Johnny’s Bar,’ sparking conversation and turning those outdoor stone walls into statements,” states Neon4Business.

Symbol signs

Neon symbol signs can be displayed as captivating art pieces that can transform the aesthetic of any home. The vibrant, luminescent glow from these signs adds a unique and dynamic element to interior spaces, whether it’s a smiley face, peace sign, or heart.

Photo courtesy of Neon 4 Business

3. Neon wallpaper

Neon wallpaper can turn any plain and ordinary wall into an electrifying canvas.

“Did you know that wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to bring your space to life,” says Krysten Sjogren, Principal Designer at On Design Interiors. “Vibrant, neon wallpaper patterns can be used not only on your walls but on your ceilings, too. Pair your wallpaper with coordinating pillows, curtains, rugs, and decor.”

Photo courtesy of On Design Interiors 

4. Neon curtains

Incorporating neon curtains into your home’s design can be a daring choice. However, beyond their illuminating effect, neon curtains offer a unique opportunity to play with color schemes and create contrast against neutral backgrounds. Whether it’s a subtle pop of color or a bold statement piece, these curtains not only provide privacy but bring unique color to textures that are typically bland.

5. Neon decorative pieces

Incorporating neon decorative pieces into your home’s design is an innovative way to infuse vibrancy into your living spaces. Neon decorative elements, whether in sculptures, signs, or smaller accent pieces, serve as conversation starters and focal points that can be tailored to match your personal style. 

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