Maybe you’re welcoming guests soon, or perhaps you’re putting your house on the market. Either way, a visually appealing entrance can make a strong impression. From upgrading lighting to a fresh coat of paint, there are plenty of creative ways you can add excitement and style to an entryway. So whether you’re looking to upgrade the look of your house in Portland, OR, or Memphis, TN, these front door decorating ideas will take your home’s curb appeal to the next level.

1. Rethink your pathway lighting

When it comes to your entryway, good outdoor lighting is a must for both convenience and safety.

So it’s a great place to start when it comes to upgrading your home’s entrance. Stephen Smith from Stoneware & Co. recommends creating an inviting home by strategically illuminating the pathway to your front door.

“The pathway to your home provides an important first impression and can reflect your savvy sense of style with a gentle, welcoming aesthetic that entices guests to follow the illuminated pathway to your front door,” he says. “We advise our customers to rethink their home outdoor lighting by avoiding the out-of-date method of installing lighting that is “soldiered” along the path like an airport runway. Consider elevating the walking experience to your home by staggering the lights along the walk to make your guest experience more of a journey to your front door.”

white flowers decorating a front door

2. Decorate your front door with plants and flowers

It’s common to decorate the interior of a home with plants. Why not do the same with your home’s entrance? Plants and flowers can add a welcoming splash of color to your front door. Per Obiora of Kashew recommends a bouquet of dried blue thistles and colorful flowers. You could also hang a fresh olive leaf and lavender wreath on your door for an organic design element.

white front door on a brick house

3. Create dramatic curb appeal with a portico over your front door

If you’re looking to overhaul your home’s entrance and give it a significant upgrade, consider adding a portico over your front door. Not only does this provide some cover over your entrance on rainy days, but it also is a major design upgrade for your home.

“Porticos are a simple addition that can transform a flat-faced home into one that amplifies the front entry and protects visitors, packages, and wood trim around the front door, ” says Sandy Barth of Georgia Front Porch. “Porticos come in various roof styles to complement a residence — including gable, hip, arched, shed, and bracket designs.”

pumkins and flowers at the front door

4. Incorporate fall-themed items for a seasonal design

Sandy Barth also recommends incorporating seasonal decor to upgrade your home entrance. Below she shares a few front door decorating ideas that are guaranteed to make your home feel festive and have your neighbors swooning.

“Greet the cooler fall temps with color around your front door,” she says. “Incorporate cinnamon, pumpkin, sage, and other autumn hues with a new welcome mat, cozy throws, pillows, and front door wreaths to welcome guests. Set a few lanterns with battery-operated LED candles or fairy lights to create a magical evening.”

She continues, “You can decorate fabulously but still be eco-friendly with an all-natural wreath decorating your front door display. Our featured fall wreath uses wood florals that are dyed naturally using vegetables to utilize nature’s gorgeous colors. Natural wreaths have a zero-waste sustainable footprint, so you can consciously dispose of the wreath when you’re ready to redecorate.”

blue house with an orange front door

5. Refresh your front door with a doormat and a fresh coat of paint

You don’t need fancy decorations to upgrade the look of your front door. Sometimes, all it takes to upgrade your home’s entrance is a new paint job. 

“If you’re putting your home on the market, it is important to spruce up your front door with a new, trendy paint color on the front door and a nice welcome mat,” says Sophia Lavelle of Nested with Style.”

Whether a cheery yellow or an eye-catching red, painting your front door a bold color is an easy way to transform the entryway of your home, improve your curb appeal, and create a welcoming beacon for visitors.

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