Detroit, MI, often celebrated for its rich industrial history, boasts beauty in its diverse landscapes and cultural gems. From iconic waterfronts and parks to architectural marvels and serene nature preserves, Detroit is a city of captivating beauty. In this Redfin article, we will journey through Motor City’s stunning locales, each contributing a unique chapter to the narrative of Detroit’s aesthetic charm. So whether you’re renting an apartment in Detroit or looking to purchase a home in the area, be sure to check out these 8 beautiful places in Detroit.

1. Belle Isle

Belle Isle is an expansive island in the Detroit River that has been open to the public since 1880 and a true staple of Detroit. There are endless areas for walks, bike rides, picnics, beach access, and countless spots for beautiful views of sunsets and sunrises. 

“Something that makes this park so special is the rich history within it, holding multiple historical landmarks like the boathouse, the James Scott Memorial Fountain, aquarium, and conservatory,” shares Mikayla Scheibe, Owner of Che Bella Photography. “If you’re from Detroit or the surrounding areas, no matter your age, I guarantee you there’s not a single person who doesn’t have at least one special memory held on that island.”  

Belle Isle

2. William Livingston Memorial Lighthouse

Designed by renowned architect Albert Kahn, William Livingston Memorial Lighthouse is the only all-marble, Art Deco lighthouse in the world.  

“This lighthouse is in a secluded area of the island, accessible by pathway. It is easy to reach on foot, bike, or snow shoes. A few steps away, visitors can look out onto the Detroit River and Lake Ste. Clair and watch freighters, other marine vessels, and wildlife. Whenever I visit here, it feels peaceful, like I am far away from the city,” shares local Portraits By Rod.

William Livingston Memorial Lighthouse

Photo courtesy of Rod Arroyo

3. Detroit Riverwalk

The Detroit RiverWalk is a vibrant waterfront promenade along the Detroit River, offering a picturesque urban escape with scenic views, parks, and recreational activities for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

“One of the most beautiful places in Detroit is the Detroit Riverwalk,” states ShaneWebGuy. “This scenic pathway along the Detroit River offers stunning views of the skyline and Canada, making it a favorite spot for locals. The Riverwalk features parks, sculptures, and a carousel, providing a peaceful escape in the city’s heart. It uniquely blends urban and natural beauty, attracting visitors for strolls and outdoor activities.”

Detroit Riverwalk

Photo courtesy of Che Bella Photography 

4. The Renaissance Center 

The Renaissance Center, a prominent Detroit landmark, is a towering complex of seven interconnected skyscrapers on the waterfront, housing offices, hotels, restaurants, and breathtaking views of the city skyline.

“The Renaissance Center in the heart of downtown Detroit is my favorite beautiful place in Detroit,” notes Paul Manoian Photography. “It is the tallest building in Michigan, has incredible architecture, and includes a gorgeous Wintergarden with restaurants and views of the Detroit River.”

Renaissance Center

Photo courtesy of Paul Manoian 

5. Stony Creek Metropark

Stony Creek Metropark, located in southeastern Michigan, is a sprawling recreational area offering scenic trails, a large lake, and beautiful landscapes. 

“With over 4000 acres of woodland, wetland, and prairie, the most incredible hiking trails, and a 6.5-mile loop around the lake, it’s a great place to get away and connect with nature. From boating to golf, swimming, fishing, biking, camping, and great playgrounds, there’s something for everyone,” raves Laura St. Clair, Creative Director of Kidlette Photography.

Stony Creek Metropark

Photo courtesy of Kidlette Photography 

6. Douglas Evans Nature Preserve 

Douglas Evans Nature Preserve is a serene conservation area providing lush woodlands and meandering trails.

Two Wild Souls Photography says, “The Douglas Evans Nature Preserve has a stunning setting for walking your dog and enjoying quality time with your family. During the summer, the creek fills with water, creating a fun space for people to splash around.”

Douglas Evans Nature Preserve

Photo courtesy of Two Wild Souls Photography 

7. Wahby Park

Wahby Park, nestled along the Clinton River in St. Clair Shores, is a charming waterfront park featuring scenic walking paths, picnic areas, and a marina.

“Wahby Park is located in St Clair Shores, not far from Detroit. About a 20-minute drive north is a lovely park with lovely ponds, a bridge, a gazebo, and a trail that wraps around. It is lovely for summertime but also is lit up for Christmas time,” shares Marlaina Photo.

Wahby Park

Photo courtesy of Marlaina Trevino

8. Sugar House

Though Sugar House may not be considered an iconic, beautiful place in Detroit, it does create beautiful flavors you can try after a long day of sightseeing. Sugar House is a popular cocktail bar in Detroit known for its craft cocktails, cozy atmosphere, and commitment to mixology.

Ewbank Films remarks, “One of my favorite places to get a drink is Sugar House, a local cocktail bar located in the Corktown area. They have an extensive list of cocktails for all palates. If you can’t decide on one, the talented bartenders can make you something custom to fit your flavor profile. A must-visit stop for anyone looking for a quality drink and great vibes.”

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