With its picturesque landscapes, fantastic fall foliage, and close-knit communities, Vermont is a place where residents can truly experience the beauty of all four seasons. Whether you’re exploring the bustling city of Burlington or the quaint town of Middlebury, a sense of tranquility and simplicity permeates the state. While the cost of living may be a consideration, the quality of life and the natural splendor make Vermont an extraordinary place to call home. So, if you’re considering a move to the state, this Redfin article will guide you through the biggest cities in Vermont.

1. Burlington, Vermont

Population: 44,743
Median Sale Price: $400,000
Burlington, VT homes for sale
Burlington, VT houses for rent

Residents of Burlington enjoy the breathtaking views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains, creating a scenic backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and sailing. The city’s downtown is renowned for its eclectic shops, farm-to-table dining options, and the lively Church Street Marketplace.

2. South Burlington, Vermont

Population: 20,292
Median Sale Price: $445,000
South Burlington, VT homes for sale
South Burlington, VT houses for rent

South Burlington is characterized by its suburban charm and proximity to Burlington’s amenities. Residents benefit from well-regarded schools, parks, and recreational facilities, contributing to a city’s atmosphere. The city’s strategic location near major highways provides convenient access to shopping centers, business districts, and the Burlington International Airport, making South Burlington a great place to call home.

3. Rutland, Vermont

Population: 15,807
Median Sale Price: $245,000
Rutland, VT homes for sale
Rutland, VT houses for rent

Rutland is a historic city with a charming downtown area filled with Victorian architecture. The city is known for its vibrant arts community, with numerous galleries and performance spaces. Along with a great arts community, residents enjoy easy access to outdoor recreation, including skiing in the nearby Green Mountains. 

4. Milton, Vermont

Population: 10,723
Median Sale Price: $327,000
Milton, VT homes for sale
Milton, VT houses for rent

Milton is a picturesque town located along the Lamoille River, offering stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Known for its rural character, Milton offers residents a peaceful environment complemented by local farms. The town embraces a close-knit community spirit with events like the annual Milton Family Community Day.

5. Hartford, Vermont

Population: 10,686
Median Sale Price: $411,000
Hartford, VT homes for sale
Hartford, VT houses for rent

The town is home to the iconic Quechee Gorge, often called the “Grand Canyon of the East,” attracting visitors with its stunning views and recreational opportunities. With a commitment to education and various outdoor activities, Hartford provides a welcoming environment for those seeking a New England lifestyle.

6. Essex Junction, Vermont

Population: 10,590
Median Sale Price: $386,000
Essex Junction, VT homes for sale
Essex Junction, VT houses for rent

Home to the Champlain Valley Exposition, the town hosts various events and fairs, fostering a lively local atmosphere. With top-rated schools, well-maintained parks, and a thriving downtown area, Essex Junction offers a comfortable living experience. Its proximity to Burlington ensures residents can easily partake in the cultural and recreational offerings of the larger metropolitan area.

7. Middlebury, Vermont

Population: 9,152
Median Sale Price: $280,000
Middlebury, VT homes for sale
Middlebury, VT houses for rent

Middlebury is renowned for its picturesque setting, nestled between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks, providing residents with stunning natural landscapes. The town is home to Middlebury College and boasts a rich cultural scene, including art galleries, performances, and literary events.

8. Barre, Vermont

Population: 8,491
Median Sale Price: $279,900
Barre, VT homes for sale
Barre, VT houses for rent

Barre is characterized by its dynamic history, which is evident in the iconic granite quarries that once fueled the local economy. The town preserves its heritage through sites like the Vermont Granite Museum while embracing a lively arts scene and community events.

Downtown Montpelier, Vermont Skyline in Autumn

9. Montpelier, Vermont

Population: 8,074
Median Sale Price: $475,000
Montpelier, VT homes for sale
Montpelier, VT houses for rent

Montpelier, the nation’s smallest state capital, exudes a unique blend of historic charm and civic engagement. Home to the Vermont State House, the town preserves its rich heritage through well-preserved architecture and a sense of community pride. With a compact downtown featuring locally-owned shops and eateries, Montpelier offers residents a cozy atmosphere.

10. Winooski, Vermont

Population: 7,997
Median Sale Price: $337,500
Winooski, VT homes for sale
Winooski, VT houses for rent

Winooski is a dynamic city on the banks of the Winooski River, known for its cultural diversity and downtown. With a mix of modern amenities and historic mill architecture, the town has become a hub for arts, dining, and community events. Winooski’s scenic riverwalk, vibrant festivals, and the presence of popular eateries contribute to its reputation as an up-and-coming and lively community.

Methodology: The population data was retrieved from the United States Census Bureau for 2021, while the median sale price data was sourced from the Redfin Data Center in January 2024.

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