As winter’s chill settles in and the ground is topped with snow, the allure of captivating scents takes center stage. In this Redfin article, we’ll explore a curated collection of 17 winter scents, each transporting us to a realm of festive joy, nostalgic warmth, and the refreshing crispness that defines the season. Whether you are renting an apartment in Burlington, VT, or purchasing a house in Providence, RI, these fragrances recommended by experts who know scents, weave tales of holiday traditions, cozy gatherings, and the unmistakable magic that only winter can bring.

1. Evergreen

Evergreen evokes a sense of tranquility as it brings the refreshing essence of pine forests indoors, creating a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere reminiscent of holiday traditions.

“Evergreen is my ultimate winter scent, channeling nostalgic vibes from my childhood where I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm,” notes Juneberry Place. “But it’s not just about memories; the warm base notes of Evergreen give it a cozy vibe that lasts way past the holidays. Plus, Evergreen brings the outdoors in when craving that fresh, outdoorsy feel but not wanting to brave the cold. 

2. Mountain air

The refreshing aroma of mountain air is a perfect winter scent, offering a crisp and pure freshness that captures the brisk chill of snowy peaks.

Aldo “August” Parise, Nose and Creative Director of  Les Vides Anges Perfumes, shares, “Little defines winter better than the scent of mountain air and rows of pine trees. The fragrances multiply and mingle with one another. It’s slightly cold yet warm and comforting at the same time.”  

White candles

3. Balsam fir 

Balsam fir is a perfect winter scent, with its rich and comforting fragrance reminiscent of a winter forest.

“Our favorite winter candle scent, Balsam Fir, captivates the season’s spirit with its enchanting blend of earthy pine and fresh forest notes. The aromas of Balsam Fir evoke the cozy ambiance of a winter woodland, creating a warm and nostalgic atmosphere that beautifully complements the winter festivities,” says Penn & Beech Candle Co

4. Pure spruce 

Pure spruce brings to mind snow-covered evergreen forests, creating a festive and refreshing atmosphere in the colder months.

“My favorite scent for winter is pure spruce essential oil in raw beeswax. The combination of the aromatic pine with the sweet musk of pure beeswax is truly alchemical,” states Bluecorns Candles


5. Sage, bergamot, spruce & cypress

Combining sage, bergamot, spruce, and cypress creates a delightful winter scent, blending earthy warmth with citrusy brightness and the refreshing essence of evergreen.

“My favorite scent this winter is ‘hope,’ a captivating blend of sage, bergamot, spruce & cypress,” states Tura Lura Co. “The touch of orange blending with the wintery forest and herb fragrance transported me back home when my mom would stick peppercorns on citrus during the holidays. Smells can elicit the most specific memories, and this one is so vivid and was unexpected, bringing me back to my childhood kitchen, staring out at the snow-covered pine trees.”

6. Aromatic woods

Aromatic woods have deep and grounding notes and infuse spaces with a comforting and enveloping ambiance reminiscent of crackling fires and the rustic charm of winter cabins.

“Warm aromatic woods are a natural companion for the colder months. We love scents with woody notes such as cedar and sandalwood, with an aromatic symphony of notes such as oakmoss, orris, geranium, lavender, and nutmeg, all contributing to create a velvety opulent scent that is sure to metaphorically warm and adorn the wearer with olfactory opulence,” remarks Plowden & Fallow.

Pine and pinecone

7. Gingerbread

The sweet and spicy aroma of gingerbread elicits the nostalgic and heartwarming essence of holiday baking.

Qandle notes, “Our favorite holiday scent would have to be Gingerbread. Its warm and spicy notes provide a sense of comfort and coziness during colder months. The familiar and sweet fragrance of gingerbread kindles heartwarming childhood memories, making it a nostalgic and appealing aroma.”

8. Fraser firs

Fraser fir is an excellent winter scent, its unique fragrance is reminiscent of a freshly cut Christmas tree.

“My favorite scent was inspired by one of our most memorable winter hikes,” shares Linden Candle Company. “Walking through the crisp forest greens with a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, looking at all the houses nestled high on the hill that get to have this view all day long, dreaming what it would be like to live there. Mountain Lodge combines your favorite forest greens like Fraser Firs with a bottom profile of warm spices to give you the perfect relaxing Winter scent profile.”

Candle with pine

9. Fresh air and cedar

The combination of fresh air and cedar creates an invigorating winter scent, blending the purity of crisp, chilly air with the warm, woody notes of cedar.

“A fresh air and cedar candle beautifully embodies my winter childhood memories from growing up in Lake Tahoe,” notes Bretton Paul of Le Gaol. “With its beautiful blend of cedar and fresh outdoor notes, this scent is reminiscent of the magical first snowfall of the season, creating a real-life winter wonderland. It authenticates core memories of skiing through freshly dusted pine trees, the crisp and unique nuances of Tahoe’s winter breeze, and the warmth of getting cozy by a fire.” 

10. Botanical gin, woods, and balsam

The infusion of botanical gin, woods, and balsam blends the herbal tones of gin with the grounding essence of woods and the comforting notes of balsam.

“Living in the Bay Area, we don’t experience a true winter wonderland, so we like to fill our home with a woodsy scent that transports us to a snow-filled landscape,” says Christina of Mahal Scent. “A candle that we have enjoyed burning this winter is a blend of botanical gin, aged woods, and balsam. We love burning this candle because it reminds us of our Christmas’ spent in Lake Tahoe filled with laughter and playing in the snow.”

White candles

11. Sarcococca 

Sarcococca, with its sweet and intoxicating fragrance, offers a subtle yet captivating aroma that fills the air with a sense of understated elegance.

“Also known as sweet box, Sarcococca sits by the backdoor (always plant it somewhere that you pass by all year) until mid-winter and then bursts into starry bloom, with blooms that pump out a perfume both sweet and spicy, and buttery and licorice- scented. She’s a real Cinderella of a plant, and no one notices her until her fabulous moment of fragrant glory,” states The 3 Growbags.

12. Mulled wine

The warm and spiced fragrance evokes the comforting aromas of festive gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Soul Good Project shares, “Our favorite winter scent would be Mulled Wine for the winter season because its fragrance evokes a sense of home, warmth, and nostalgia.” 

Mulled wine

13. White birch 

White birch is an invigorating scent that reminds of the purity of snow.

 Urban Scent notes, “A white birch candle captures the essence of a winter forest with its refreshing notes of eucalyptus, mint, cypress, pine, and the subtle warmth of tonka bean and smoke. These scents remind us of winter and bring the perfect blend of comfort and invigorating freshness, making them ideal for creating an inviting atmosphere during the season.”

14. Black bergamot 

Black bergamot is filled with rich, citrusy notes intertwined with dark, aromatic undertones.

“Our go-to scent is Black Bergamot when the holidays are over and we enter winter. This fresh and uplifting scent is a great way to start the new year. This scent will help you reach your goals and make your space feel calm and luxurious with notes of lime, Earl Grey, tea leaves, cucumber, beeswax, and amber,” raves Fingerprint & Co.

A dark drink

15. Winterberry and French vanilla

Winterberry and French vanilla blend the sweet and fruity essence of winterberries with the warm and comforting notes of French vanilla.

Big Muddy Peddler says, “Breathing in the crisp winterberry accords from the evergreen bushes, accents of citrusy orange underlined by the sharp bite of cinnamon and clove reminds me of the crisp icy breeze, while warmed and soothed by the soft downy notes of musk and french vanilla reminds me that comfort and warmth not only waits for me inside but warmth from the return of the afternoon sun that melts the snow.”

16. Saffron 

With its warm and spicy aroma, Saffron is reminiscent of rich holiday spices.

“For coziness, one of my favorites is a warm hug of saffron for its creamy, suede-like scent and texture that layers wonderfully with spice,” shares Source Adage Fragrances.


17. Pine, smoke, and cashmere

“Our favorite winter scent is called ‘Aspen and fog’ because It smells like a fireplace inside a cozy cabin in the woods surrounded by fresh scents of pine, smoke, and cashmere,” remarks Live Love Spa. “It features notes of cedar wood, clove, and guaiac wood.” 

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