Attract buyers by taking your value proposition to the next level with advice from Chelsea Hamre from RE/MAX, Julia Boland from Corcoran, DJ Ten Hoeve from Keller Williams at Inman Connect New York.

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It’s more important than ever for buyers and potential buyers to see and understand the value that you bring to the table as a real estate professional. What can you do to elevate your value proposition to make an impactful first impression and sustain a positive relationship? 

In a dynamic and insightful panel discussion Tuesday afternoon on stage at Inman Connect New York, real estate professionals Chelsea Hamre from RE/MAX, Julia Boland from Corcoran, DJ Ten Hoeve from Keller Williams and moderator Dana Cadena from Lifestyle International Realty shared targeted strategies and actionable tips for real estate agents. 

Here’s some of the advice they shared: 

1. Take open houses to the next level with personal touches

Hamre emphasized the impact of personalized gift bags at open houses. She said handing out thoughtful bags containing treats and crucial information about the house, her team and the neighborhood helps provide potential buyers a memorable experience. 

2. Provide detailed market insights

Ten Hoeve highlighted the importance of offering in-depth market data to clients. Agents should provide insights into competitive offers, current market trends and future expectations. “It’s about having an actual consultation with that client and delivering a tremendous amount of value above the current market,” he said.

3. Leverage video content for engagement

Boland shared her success in using video content, particularly on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. She advised and encouraged agents to create content that answers common buyers’ questions and concerns, adding a personal touch to digital interactions. “And before you get overwhelmed like, ‘Oh, I can’t do that’ — Yes, you can,” she said. 

4. Use social media for education and engagement

Each of the panelists emphasized using social media not just for building a following but for educating and engaging your existing audience. Agreeing that creative and informative posts can help agents stand out and attract potential clients. 

5. Focus on creating unforgettable client experiences

Providing exceptional client experiences, both during and after the transaction, is crucial. Concierge-type service is the goal, according to Ten Hoeve. Examples range from unique open house ideas to post-closing follow-ups, ensuring clients feel valued and respected.

6. Incorporate innovative client services

For instance, Ten Hoeve mentioned offering daycare services during house viewings, adding a thoughtful touch that greatly enhances the client experience.

7. Let authenticity shine in content creation

Agents should consistently create content that resonates with their personality and expertise. 

“You have to find your voice and figure out what do you add to the transaction because that’s everything,” Boland said. Bringing authenticity to your content helps in building trust and a stronger connection with the audience.

8. Gather client reviews on reliable platforms

Hamre advised collecting client reviews on platforms linked to Google, emphasizing the importance of building a trustworthy online presence while also keeping in contact with clients and checking in on their experience.

“What would happen if you went to a restaurant and your waiter didn’t come back to ask you how your food was? It wouldn’t be a good experience,” she said. “So put that into your client’s perspective as well. How would they feel if they never heard from you afterward?”

9. Deliver on promises to build a strong reputation

Ten Hoeve stressed the importance of fulfilling promises and building a strong reputation in the industry. This reliability can lead to more business and client trust.

“I know everybody wants the sexy little tidbits like the cookies and the daycare stuff,” he said, “but realistically, the single best piece of advice I think anybody can give you is clients are looking to do business with someone who’s going to get the deal done.”

10. Keep pace with technology

With the rise of AI and tech in real estate, agents must continue to offer irreplaceable human interaction and advisory services.

“I think at the end of the day, you have to remember, technology cannot replace human interaction or the advisory services if, like DJ says, you’re solving a problem,” Boland said. “You really have to ask yourself every day, what problems am I solving? Keep a running list because when you need to pitch a new buyer, you need to be able to say these are the problems I have solved for buyers in the past. How can I help you?” 

Jessi Healey is a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in real estate. Find her on Instagram, LinkedIn or Threads.

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