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It wouldn’t be the holidays without cheesy, feel-good movies to awaken the magic of the season in our hearts. Holiday movies are something some people love, and some people hate. But no matter how you feel about them, they are a staple of the season. 

And as Ted Lasso says, “They suck, but they’re great — but they also mostly suck, but they’re also kinda great. They’re good with the sound off.”  Which probably sums up how many feel about rom-com Christmas movies. 

Not only are so many of those movies involving a single and charming lead who finds themselves in a quaint small town, but often, they find themselves dealing with the real estate industry in some way, too. 

To celebrate this festive season, here’s a round-up of some great but terrible, but also great holiday movies, from featuring a real estate agent to even featuring a real estate transaction; there’s surely something most real estate professionals can relate to. 

Now curl up with some hot chocolate, a warm blanket and a fireplace (if you have one), and choose your favorite (or three) to take in and feel a little bit merrier. 

Involving Agents 

Checkin’ It Twice — Hallmark 

“A journeyman hockey player falls for a real estate agent in a career crisis when he’s traded to her hometown and moves into the cottage in her hockey-loving family’s backyard.” — IMDB

The Christmas Listing — Lifetime 

“Two Realtors compete for the same listing and have to spend time together at an Inn during Christmas.” — IMDB

Meet Me Under The Mistletoe — Hulu

“Two rival real estate agents have to pair up in order to sell a house before Christmas.” — IMDB  

A New Lease on Christmas — fuboTV

“A single real estate agent falls for a handsome coffee shop owner only to discover that the job she just took requires her to evict him from his shop.” — IMDB

Flipping for Christmas — Peacock TV

“Before Christmas, Abigail agrees to help her sister with what she believes will be an easy flip of an inherited home. Things get tricky as Bo has a different idea.” — IMDB

Home by Christmas — Prime Video

“After a well-to-do woman divorces her cheating husband, she ends up homeless through a series of mishaps and eventually finds work as a real estate agent to rebuild her life.” — IMDB

A Christmas… Present — Prime Video

“Real-estate mom Maggie Larson takes her family to spend Christmas with her brother and his daughter, who have different expectations for their holidays.” — IMDB

About buying 

A Castle for Christmas — Netflix 

“To escape a scandal, a bestselling author journeys to Scotland, where she falls in love with a castle and immediately wants to buy it — but she has to face off with the grumpy duke who owns it.” — IMDB

A Cowboy Christmas Romance — Prime Video

“When pro real estate “closer” Lexie Crenshaw is sent to her hometown of Tubac, Arizona, to close on a big ranch before Christmas, she is soon forced to confront former family drama as well as the sexy ranch owner who refuses to sell his home.” — IMDB

A California Christmas — Netflix

“With his carefree lifestyle on the line, a wealthy charmer poses as a ranch hand to get a hardworking farmer to sell her family’s land before Christmas.” — IMDB

Miracle on 34th Street (1947 or 1994) AMC and Hulu

“After a divorced New York mother hires a nice old man to play Santa Claus at Macy’s, she is startled by his claim to be the genuine article. When his sanity is questioned, a lawyer defends him in court by arguing that he’s not mistaken.” — IMDB

Christmas in the Pines Prime Video

“Follows Ariel and Mark, who discover that their holiday break on an idyllic Christmas cottage may not be the only thing they love.” — IMDB

About selling 

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square — Netflix

“An embittered scrooge of a woman plans to sell her small town, regardless of the consequences to the people who live there. However, a kindhearted angel arrives and shows her what will happen before she mends her ways and redeems herself.” — IMDB

Christmas on Mistletoe Farm — Netflix

“After inheriting a farm at Christmas time, a widowed father makes a bumpy adjustment to village life — while his kids hatch a plan to stay there forever.” — IMDB

A Christmas Open House — Max

“Follows Melissa, an Atlanta property stager who teams with her old high school crush, David, to renovate and sell her mom’s house, and as Christmas approaches and the tensions grow, so does a romantic relationship between them.” — IMDB

Christmas Comes Home — plutotv 

“Successful real estate broker Abbey is forced back to her hometown to repair a Victorian home inherited from her grandmother. She decides to sell the house and hires a single dad, Josh, to help with the repairs.” — IMDB

A Merry Christmas Wish — Hulu

“Janie returns to her hometown of Woodland Falls when her great-uncle passes away, and she discovers that he has surprised her with a special gift: the family homestead, her childhood home.” — IMDB

Haul out the Holly — Hallmark

“Emily arrives home hoping to visit her parents, only to find that they are going on a trip of their own. While she stays at her house for the holidays, her HOA is determined to get Emily involved in the neighborhood Christmas festivities.” — IMDB


Five Star Christmas — Hulu 

“When a travel writer shows up unexpectedly at their dad’s newly transformed home that’s now an Airbnb/Bed and Breakfast, the Ralston family all pretend to be guests in hopes of a good review. Lucy falls for guest Jake, but can’t share her secret.” — IMDB

A Merry Scottish Christmas — Peacock TV 

“Follows estranged siblings Lindsay and Brad as they travel to Scotland at Christmas to reunite with their mother Jo and potentially inherit a castle.” — IMDB 

Last Christmas Prime Video

“Kate is a young woman subscribed to bad decisions. Working as an elf in a year-round Christmas store is not good for the wannabe singer. However, she meets Tom there. Her life takes a new turn — that seems too good to be true.” — IMDB

Designing Christmas Max

“Designer Stella Murphy and contractor Pablo Belmonte are the bickering co-hosts of House Sweet Home, a reality home redecorating renovation show. As they work together more closely than ever before, she gets complicated and unexplored feelings that may jeopardize everything.” — IMDB

The Holiday Prime Video

“Two women troubled with guy problems swap homes through a house exchange website; Amanda impulsively swaps her mansion in L.A. for Iris’ English cottage in Surrey for the holidays in each other’s countries, where they each meet a local guy and fall in love.” — IMDB

Do you know of a great real-estate-themed holiday movie that is not on the list? Share the wealth and let us know!

Jessi Healey is a freelance writer and social media manager specializing in real estate. Find her on InstagramLinkedIn, or Threads.

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