A $10 million California mansion was “one signature away” from a sale before it was destroyed by a wildfire on Wednesday, according to reports.

The palatial abode in Laguna Beach was pulverized as strong winds whipped the brush fire through the ritzy Laguna Niguel neighborhood, the home’s listing agent told the Orange County Register.

The 10,000-square-foot mansion was known as the jewel of the upscale neighborhood, with twin wings overlooking the beach, impressive finishes and grounds with a pool.

“It’s a very special property. You cannot duplicate that home,” Realtor Leo Goldschwartz told the Register. “The house had separate wings. The adults went one way, the kids went another way. It was like a palace. The house was a really beautiful home. The finishes were impressive.”

The home was built in 1999 by a feng shui-practicing architect and was likely the most expensive home in the neighborhood, Goldschwartz said.

The home was one of at least 11 damaged by the fire that spread through southern California on Wednesday. Prices for the damaged homes ranged between $2.8 million and $9.6 million, according to the New York Post.

The owner of the destroyed mansion, who also has a home in Canada, has insurance — but the increasing severity of wildfires in California spurred by climate change has made homeowners insurance more expensive and harder to get in the Golden State.

The would-be buyers of the estate were devastated, Goldschwartz said.

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