Cloze is the first application in its category to integrate with the web-based graphic design platform Canva, the customer relationship management platform revealed exclusively to Inman.

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Barely a week from being named a partner to popular marketing solution RealScout, Cloze is becoming the first real estate application in its category to integrate with the web-based graphic design platform Canva.

The customer relationship management company shared the news exclusively with Inman, providing access to a not-yet published blog post announcing the partnership.

“Cloze is integrated with Canva to sync listing information and other details from Cloze to Canva,” the post stated. “With your Canva account connected to Cloze, your listings including photos, property details, contact information, and more are available in Canva to create marketing designs. Creating a new design is as simple as dragging and dropping.”

Cloze content can be found in Canva by navigating to the application’s vertical function menu to access the Apps command. Images of homes for sale can be searched and imported into any one of Canva’s countless templates for everything from LinkedIn banner images to direct mail postcards. Canva has endless image editing skills, text manipulation capabilities and layout options. The integration will be of value to agents and teams with paid marketing staff.

The integration should appeal to Brown Harris Stevens, which inked a deal with Cloze in the second quarter of 2023. The New York-based brokerage rolled out the software to its 2,500-plus agents as part of its BHSOne internal agent digital hub.

Cloze is recognized for its flexibility in linking lead sources to its AI-infused nurturing assistant application that allows for intelligent filtering of contacts with an emphasis on precise segmentation and thus, better lead conversion.

This specific deep, two-way integration is especially beneficial because it doesn’t require external access to listing content, meaning users won’t have to download or upload images or copy, a process that slows creative material production, risks version conflict and relies on additional file management.

Completed Canva files can be imported into Cloze for long-term use and business insight, offering users a way to track what messaging is most effective for specific listing category, submarket and buyer type. There’s also value in leveraging the Canva app as an appeal in listing presentations.

Canva is considered a benchmark when it comes to marketing materials and brand assets, and a number of proptechs openly emulate it. Cloze is the first to simply integrate it instead of copying it, and the move allows the company to avoid engineering costs while benefiting from the new association with Canva.

“When we first started talking with brokerages about adding social and postal marketing to Cloze, we asked them what they wanted it to look like,” Cloze co-founder Dan Foody told Inman. “Not a single one said ‘make it look like insert-your-real-estate-vendor-here’ — what we heard from the vast majority was ‘make it like Canva.’”

“The reality is no real estate-specific vendor will be able to keep up with the innovation pace of a vendor like Canva,” he added. “But as we know (at least until now) what they’ve lacked is the deep integration into the real estate ecosystem.”

RealScout works with a number of CRMs, but few of its partnerships makes as much sense as working with Cloze. Both companies emphasize targeted, relevant communications and espouse the importance of unique, one-to-one messaging. RealScout’s newly released Pro+ upgrade focuses on strategically automating database outreach with market insights, home valuations and listing content.

Cloze doesn’t work exclusively with the real estate industry, but shifted its focus after realizing in 2018 how many agents and brokerages have been adopting its technology, in part because so many top producers identify existing relationships as their primary source of new business. The company likens itself to a “sphere of influence” CRM.

The integration is available now for Cloze customers.

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