Customizable and powered in part by artificial intelligence, Delta Media Group’s latest product release is ready to help the industry be more creative in a mobile environment.

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Customizable and powered in part by artificial intelligence, Delta Media Group’s latest product release is ready to help the industry be more creative in a mobile environment, according to a company press release.

DeltaNET7 sounds like a covert military operation, but it’s really a piece of proptech that rests on a flexible CRM solution and provides a host of ways for brokerages to implement user-level automations for teams and individual agents, each designed to shorten response times to leads and market fluctuations and allow for more informed business decisions.

“DeltaNET 7 is more simple, more automated, and even more customizable for real estate brokerages and its agents than ever before,” said Michael Minard, CEO and owner of Delta Media Group, in a statement. “It’s true customization – not just an off-the-shelf white-label solution. Most importantly, it’s agent-friendly and made for mobile.“

The company is calling the application’s ability to mold around user needs as “ultra-personalization“ that enables users to control functionality, ”down to the button.“ However, office leaders are still able to guide its use, monitor activity and gauge user performance.

DeltaNet 7 is built to integrate with existing Delta Media proptech and its primary function is an email marketing system called simply, “My Customer For Life.” The streaming content tactic allows for its AI components to send, or drip, weekly content to subscribers who have indicated through general user behavior what type of content appeals to them.

Delta Pitch is the solution’s new CMA and presentation tool. It gives agents a fast, illustrative way to depict market activity, sell themselves and demonstrate creative ways to market property with an interactive “flipbook.”

“Another significant new brokerage feature is DeltaNET Academy, an agent training center. The new integrated Academy empowers brokerages to offer customized and personalized training courses and deliver class schedules to agents,“ the company said.

Delta Media Group has a number of products it sells to make a number of real estate industry practices faster, such as Local Showings, a home tour coordination application, a brokerage operations product, Delta Create, a marketing asset design tool and Delta Websites, a web presence builder and content management system.

The company offers what it calls a “no sell guarantee,” a promise to customers that the company won’t sell to a larger entity, a fear that has permeated the industry, justly or not, after ShowingTime was acquired by Zillow — and even going as far as back as when popular CRM Contactually was bought by Compass. Agents often fear the loss of client information input to CRMs, transaction management systems and other types of business software should a brokerage or other third-party company acquire their software provider.

“By simplifying nearly 30 years’ worth of features combined with the reinvestment of over $40 million, DeltaNET 7 takes the all-in-one brokerage solution to the next level,“ Minard said.

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