In this exclusive interview, we explore the stories of two outstanding franchise owners, Beau Blankenship of Engel & Völkers 30A Beaches and Corey Hasting of Engel & Völkers First Coast, uncovering the reasons behind their early commitment to the brand.

From their college football days at Ohio University to achieving top rankings and breaking records, Beau and Corey’s journey not only showcases individual success but also the unique camaraderie within Engel & Völkers’ professional network.

Can you tell us how your paths led you from the football field to real estate and ultimately to Engel & Völkers?

Beau Blankenship:

Corey and I have a history, going back to our college football days at Ohio University in 2011. After pursuing separate paths in the NFL — me with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Corey training with the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins — we both transitioned to real estate, finding our way to Engel & Völkers.

Corey Hasting:

It’s been a journey. We both started as agents in different markets, but our shared history and values eventually led us to Engel & Völkers.

What motivated the decision to renew your respective franchises early?

Beau Blankenship:

Renewing early reflects my transformative journey at Engel & Völkers. From the early days as a solo advisor to leading Engel & Völkers 30A Beaches, the brand’s commitment to excellence and exceptional support have been instrumental in our success.

Corey Hasting:

My decision to renew early is driven by the growth at Engel & Völkers First Coast. Being named the fastest-growing company in northeast Florida by the Jacksonville Business Journal is a testament to our success, and with continued support, I anticipate further success going forward.

Beau, you’ve achieved significant recognition in the real estate market. Can you share insights into your key achievements?

Being recognized locally, nationally and internationally is an honor. A highlight is the record-breaking transaction in 2022, representing sellers in the off-market sale of 115 Paradise by the Sea Blvd, valued at $24,000,000. The deal set a new record high in the Florida Panhandle.

Corey, what strategies drove the remarkable growth of your six Engel & Völkers shops?

Our success results from a client-focused approach and a dynamic team culture. Support from Engel & Völkers is crucial, and I’m enthusiastic about future prospects.

Beau, as you oversee the Blankenship Group, how do you approach talent attraction and retention within your brokerage, and how does the management structure contribute to this strategy?

Talent attraction is about fostering a collaborative and growth-oriented environment. With a Managing Broker and Chief Growth Officer in place to help manage the daily operations and growth of the brokerage, allows me to concentrate on leading my team while still being perceived as a competing broker.

Corey, can you share insights into your approach to talent attraction and the criteria you use to build a positive and successful culture across your multiple locations?

Talent attraction is critical for success. Beyond the standard metrics, we have a minimum production threshold of $3 million in annual sales. We prioritize individuals who align with our core values and contribute positively to our team environment, maintaining an energetic and collaborative atmosphere across all six locations.

Beau, reflecting on your journey with Engel & Völkers, what specific resources or support have been instrumental in your success as a franchise owner?

Engel & Völkers’ luxury positioning and expansive global network have played a pivotal role. This global network not only provides access to a vast pool of high-net-worth individuals but also fosters collaborative opportunities with top professionals worldwide, contributing to our collective success.

Corey, what advice would you both give to aspiring entrepreneurs considering franchising with Engel & Völkers in your respective markets?

Success in real estate is about relationships. Engel & Völkers provides the framework to build lasting relationships with clients and fellow professionals, setting the stage for sustained success.

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