Property management software provider HappyCo has unveiled a collection of APIs available to customers to further customize their installation.

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Property management software provider HappyCo has unveiled a collection of APIs available to customers to further customize their installation, a June 12 press release stated.

Tech stacks can be tailored and expanded as needed and via each API, data remains unedited and flows two ways to enhance its value to the operation. Some of the systems published on the HappyCo Plugins site include Wreno, Amenify, HelloData, Interplay Learning, Level, Moved, Propexo, ResMan, SureApp and Source7, according to the press release.

“A common complaint from owners and operators across the nation is that there are too many systems struggling to connect and talk to one another for their teams. Technology vendors, on the other hand, cite exorbitant fees just to integrate with these systems,” Jindou Lee, founder and CEO of HappyCo, said in a statement. “We are excited to introduce an open ecosystem that is free for partnered vendors to integrate and work together, providing owners and operators a ‘single pane of glass’ interface to drive operational efficiencies across their organizations.”

Companies like HappyCo use partner APIs to offer features that can benefit users but don’t fall under their core competency, or would simply cost too much to build and manage on their own. A series of niche, lightweight partners further supports a company’s customer retention efforts, meaning it could get harder for customers to leave entrenched with multiple software tools connected through their parent account. Better stated, why would a customer switch if offered so many additional benefits?

Pineapple, for example, is a self-guided tour solution for the rental market, and its API can help property managers adopt a quickly growing expectation among the rental community. Amenify is a partner that provides concierge-level services to tenants, like grocery delivery, car washes and cleaning, among other routine needs. And Moved bills itself as “the modern way to welcome your residents.” The software provides a friendly, hassle-free tenant onboarding and move-in experience.

HappyCo delivered in April an AI-backed apartment community maintenance system called simply Centralized Maintenance.

The product will help manage day-to-day tasks and maintenance requirements, specifically in the assignment of work orders with site-specific tasks and technician deployment based on specialty and location within a portfolio of properties. It also handles the categorization and reporting of work orders, communicates with residents, can amend requests and helps keep technicians on track with skills and certifications.

HappyCo Chief Product Officer Ben Nowacky said in the release that there will be more to come as more suitable rental technology products emerge to benefit company users.

“But what’s really exciting is the flexibility and future-readiness an open API architecture provides; it’s a truly open ecosystem that will push partnership, innovation, and resident satisfaction forward across multifamily operations and the industry,” Nowacky said.

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