Inman contributor Brandon Doyle made it his goal to interview 100 real estate professionals. Here’s a Snapshot of those conversations.

With 18 years under his belt in the real estate industry, Craig Grant has emerged as a thought leader in the technology realm. As CEO of The Real Estate Technology Institute (, Grant is guiding agents and professionals alike through the technology landscape, offering insight into leveraging tech tools for business enhancement.

His enthusiasm for learning and educating others is infectious, driving him to inspire real estate professionals to embrace technology rather than fear it., under Grant’s leadership, has grown to become the go-to resource for real estate professionals seeking to hone their tech skills. “We have a team of top experts in the field and a library of over 3,000 instructional videos,” Grant shares, “including product reviews, CRM Generator, weekly webinars and more.”

RETI prides itself on maintaining independence and a lack of bias because it does not rely on industry vendors for revenue generation — a move that sets it apart from other similar platforms.

Despite the palpable excitement that technology brings for Grant, he acknowledges the struggles agents face in the rapidly evolving tech-sphere. “Fear of technology and change is what holds people back,” Grant opines, noting that overcoming this hurdle can propel agents to the next level in terms of customer service, operations, marketing, and ultimately, their bottom line.

Speaking on the stage started as a way for Grant to sell websites, but it morphed into something bigger. He confessed, “I really enjoyed educating and not selling to people so I started branching out.”

Now, with over 150 speaking engagements a year, Grant takes pleasure in demystifying technology and marketing, providing those lightbulb moments that empower real estate professionals.

In terms of travel, while the opportunity to see new places is a perk, the reality of being a professional speaker can be a bit isolating. Despite this, Grant is motivated by a strong desire to educate and help others. His secret for maintaining credibility with his audience is straightforward: always be honest, and never pretend to know something he doesn’t.

For aspiring speakers, Grant shares three key recommendations:

  • Don’t hesitate to put yourself out there.
  • Create your own custom content.
  • Build relationships instead of viewing people merely as clients.

Delving into cybersecurity and tech risk management was spurred by witnessing professionals’ lack of attention to security. Grant, seeing a gap in the industry, stepped up to offer his expertise on an otherwise underserved topic.

Overcoming fear of technology, Grant believes, is about bringing tech learning down to the level of the user, ensuring they understand that in today’s tech-savvy world, mistakes are easily correctable. “Now the worst you can do is click the undo button,” he adds.

As for agents struggling to keep up with rapid industry changes, especially with advancements like AI, Grant’s strategy is simple yet effective: Only take on one new thing at a time. Overwhelm often results from trying to implement too many new technologies at once.

His latest projects, the CRM Generator and upcoming Tech Guide, exemplify his commitment to making technology more accessible for real estate professionals. The CRM Generator helps real estate professionals identify the best CRM system for their needs, while the Tech Guide promises unbiased reviews and discounts for various tech tools, making it a comprehensive resource for real estate professionals.

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