In his latest Snapshot profile, Brandon Doyle talks to Heather “Sunshine” Haase about training, tech, authenticity and creating genuine connections.

Inman contributor Brandon Doyle made it his goal to interview 100 real estate professionals. Here’s a Snapshot of those conversations.

Heather Haase, affectionately known as Sunshine, is a dynamic real estate professional and national speaker whose career is as colorful as her personality. Based in Dayton, Ohio, Haase’s journey in real estate is a testament to her passion for the industry, commitment to learning and unbridled enthusiasm for life.

Haase’s real estate career spans seven years, a period marked by significant growth and exploration. “I have absolutely loved where this business has taken me!” she exclaims. Her journey is not just about selling properties; it’s about making connections, volunteering, and embracing her role as a trainer and speaker on subjects close to her heart, like networking and social media.

Helping, history and hobbies

What excites Haase the most is the joy of helping others. “Helping people … absolutely fills my cup,” she shares. Her love for local history and exploring new places adds depth to her real estate expertise, allowing her to connect with clients and communities on a more profound level. Haase’s adventurous spirit also finds expression in her hobbies, like salsa dancing and participating in 5Ks.

Haase understands the current market’s challenges and empathizes with agents facing them. Her advice to newcomers is comprehensive, “Find a brokerage that works for you … It is not all about the split.”

She emphasizes the importance of culture, mentorship, training opportunities and fitting in with the brokerage’s personality. “Get that education. Really learn your craft,” she advises, advocating for a focused and patient approach to lead generation.

Embracing your unique path

For Haase, success in real estate isn’t just about being a top producer; it’s about finding what works for you and embracing your unique path. “I started leaning into what I do best and what works for me,” she explains. This philosophy also underpins her growth into a sought-after speaker, sharing her knowledge and experiences across various states, both physically and virtually.

Haase’s favorite speaking topics are those that inspire and educate, particularly around authenticity and mental health. Her keynote, “How to be a diamond in a rhinestone world,” reflects her approach to social media and networking — encouraging authenticity and genuine connections.

She values speakers who can engage, educate, and entertain, citing several industry figures, including Sean Carpenter and Paula Monthofer, as her inspirations.

Success for Haase is about peace and happiness. “I don’t want work to feel like work,” she states. Her definition of success revolves around loving relationships, inspiring others, and leaving a positive impact on those around her.

Haase’s involvement with the Real Estate Technology Institute (RETI) stemmed from her desire to grow as a speaker. RETI, providing technology education and resources to real estate professionals, aligns perfectly with her commitment to continuous learning and sharing knowledge. “It’s a one-stop shop for your technology needs,” she describes, underscoring the value of RETI to the real estate community.

Heather Haase’s experience in real estate mirrors her drive and commitment to personal and professional growth. Her insights and methods resonate with many in the industry, offering both inspiration and practical advice.

Haase’s diverse roles as a Realtor, a national speaker and an educator in real estate technology highlight her profound influence and vibrant personality, truly embodying her nickname, Sunshine.

Brandon Doyle is a Realtor at Doyle Real Estate Team — RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis and co-author of Mindset, Methods & Metrics – Winning as a Modern Real Estate Agent. You can follow him on Twitter.

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