Today’s housing inventory and higher interest rates might have you feeling stalled as if you’ve reached a plateau in your business. 

However, there are steps to try to break through the noise of today’s market, stand out as an agent, and win more real estate listings.

1. Expand your network

There’s cumulative value in the strong relationships you build with local businesses, community leaders and influencers. Word-of-mouth referrals through these key points of contact often provide a powerful source of new real estate listings. Look deeper at potential cross-promotion with third-party influencers and service providers, as well as RESPA-compliant mortgage, title and insurance partnerships. 

2. Offer value

To attract more sellers in this challenging market, you have to stand out and offer something that the other local agents aren’t trying. For instance, ShowingTime+℠ Listing Media Services and Listing Showcase® offers a stand-out listing experience. High-quality, reliable media featuring interactive floor plans from Listing Media Services forms the foundation for Listing Showcase, an elevated display experience that helps listings stand out on Zillow® with dedicated emails to interested buyers, social media reels of the client’s home and more. With Listing Showcase, the seller sees a standout reason to consider you as their agent.

3. Get hyperlocal and become a local market expert

Getting hyperlocal with your market helps agents earn local referrals, stay current on community events and get up-to-date with local real estate market trends, neighborhood developments and pricing. Knowledge of the local market gives you an edge in identifying potential listings before your competitors. Staying hyperlocal is more important than ever, given tight inventory levels and fluctuating home values and prices. When it’s done right, hyperlocal marketing can yield more search results and clicks when your keywords match the search terms of potential clients. 

4. Differentiate Your Listing Media

Investing in high-quality, reliable professional real estate photography and rich media like that provided by ShowingTime+ Listing Media Services and Listing Showcase helps differentiate your listings to stand out in a competitive market. Nearly 40 percent of first-time sellers think they could have received a higher sale price if their listing had included better photos and media, according to Zillow research.ⁱ

Zillow Consumer Housing Trends Report 2022 found that 70 percent of sellers confirmed they’re more likely to hire an agent who includes virtual tours or interactive floor plans in their services.

ShowingTime+ Listing Media Services provides interactive floor plans that work with virtual tours and hi-resolution photography to create a unique immersive viewing experience, allowing buyers to connect the imagery with the specific location in the home. Package options like virtual staging, aerial drone photography and videos, and amenity images can help further differentiate your listings from the competition.

5. Offer a Differentiated Marketing Plan

Successful agents who feel like they’ve reached a plateau and want to break through to the next production level may be interested in learning how Listing Showcase can help win more real estate listings with prominent branding and expanded marketing on Zillow. 

Remember, consistency and persistence are key. Implementing these strategies consistently over time will help better position you to achieve your production goals and elevate your listings now and in the new year ahead. Need more ideas? Stop by the ShowingTime+ blog.

Zillow Research (defined as Americans who sold a home they owned for the first time within the past two years)

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