The housing industry is at a tipping point. Together, we can usher in a new era.

It’s been a roller-coaster. It seems like we’re on a shaky foundation. How did we get here? If you’ve been keeping up with industry and housing news, historic change is probable in the upcoming months.

It may be time to stop betting against each other and work together. That’s the spirit of Inman Connect New York 2024. We’re all in this together, so let’s make plans A, B and C together, drawing from the brightest minds in the industry. 

Why Join us at Inman Connect New York?

Here’s what makes Inman Connect New York unique and why it’s worth being there in person.

Quality over quantity: The real estate masters are here

In a world brimming with real estate gurus, influencers, empty memes that dumb you down, vanity metrics that dazzle your daily dopamine fix, now more than ever, it’s essential to recognize the unique power of seasoned real estate masters.

You know, those brokers, brands and organizations who value none of the above — but rather, value their reputations, missions, values, hardcore professionalism, agent training, technology, innovation and change. Leaders who want the success of many, not a few select players.

They are unique. They understand the consumer. They don’t dispense advice lightly. They respect their peers. They show up to inspire. They hold this industry accountable and illuminate the path for the next wave of real estate professionals who are getting the wrong advice.

Help navigating the complexities of modern real estate 

A year ago, consumers had a choice. They just wanted a house. Now, they’re taking a stand. They need housing. But they need true, honest, experienced professionals to navigate complicated financing options, lack of affordability, inflation, emerging technology like AI, and complex negotiations while protecting the buyer or seller. 

Connect is a beacon for the eager, savvy learners

A generation of eager real estate professionals has tasted the high of a hot market and are now hungry for knowledge and guidance.

Their quest for answers leads them to the Inman community. They come to Inman Connect for the elevated in-real-life conversations that aren’t transactional. They come for relationships that aren’t built on hype and for the ideas you can’t find on ChatGPT. 

At Connect, you’ll:

  • Find unparalleled mentorship: Legends are made in challenging times. Your hard-earned experience and profound industry insights can be the catalyst for the growth and success of emerging professionals who jumped feet-first into the deep end. You are the real deal. The industry needs more of you. You need more of them. Let them find you at Inman Connect.
  • Build relationships with a unique, elevated community: Connect with your network of industry luminaries, forward-thinking startups, and eager learners poised to absorb your wisdom. Put your brand aside. Collaborate with a brand-agnostic, inclusive, and curious community of life-long learners, tech geeks, real estate profit partners, and problem solvers. No politics, just real estate.
  • Leave a legacy: Your business intelligence can redefine the future of real estate. Become a part of this transformative process, and help reprioritize the values of what seems like a bygone industry.
  • Embrace a problem-solving culture: Leave egos at the door. Step outside the echo chambers and comfort zones. No gate-keeping. Media darlings will be challenged; introverts who care are heard. Collaborate in workshops, conversations, and panels, while delving into the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the real estate and housing solutions landscape.

Reflect on the ideas and perspectives of an agile, tech-native younger generation of professionals. What can we learn from each other’s wisdom? 

What’s your next chapter? Invest in your tomorrow

Witness the emergence of the next generation’s big ideas as they vie for the best strategies, tactics, and true mentorship. Your influence can change the industry — and your business. 

We’ll celebrate excellence, while we challenge the status quo. 

📝 Early registration is now open! Prices are low, but they will increase. Seize the opportunity to join us this Jan. 23-25. 🔗 Register Now

Illuminate the way forward at Inman Connect New York. We’re Bringing the Legends Together. You will usher in the next era of real estate in 2024. 

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