You’ve heard of the Pareto Principle. Take it to the next level with the Law of Three, writes luxury consultant Chris Pollinger, a strategy designed to make your leadership more impactful.

In real estate leadership, whether as a broker or team leader, the key to growth lies in making impactful decisions rather than merely managing tasks. This is where the Law of Three comes into play.

The Law of Three is a principle that goes beyond the Pareto Principle. It states that only three tasks out of all weekly activities are responsible for 90 percent of your value to your business’s growth. This approach is not just theoretical; it’s a practical, proven strategy for prioritizing what’s essential for success.

The essence of this law is in pinpointing these three critical tasks. Why? Because, in the highly competitive real estate market, having a focused and strategic approach is non-negotiable. It’s not the volume of tasks you tick off your list that propels your business forward; it’s the impact and quality of these key tasks.

By concentrating on these specific activities, you’re not just working; you’re driving progress and fundamentally shaping your business’ trajectory.

Finding your top 3: A guide for real estate leaders

The process of implementing the Law of Three begins with an honest, detailed evaluation of your weekly tasks. Once you have that list compiled, I want you to ask yourself these three questions: 

  1. Which single task, if focused on all day, would bring the most significant positive impact to your business?
  2. What would be the second most impactful task to focus on?
  3. Which task would rank as the third most crucial for your business’s growth?

These questions help leaders to look beyond the urgency of tasks and evaluate them based on their potential impact on the business.

The art of delegation: An essential skill in real estate

A natural extension of the Law of Three is the skill of delegation. Harvard Business Review reports that leaders who excel in delegation can generate significantly more revenue than those who don’t.

Delegation is about identifying tasks outside your top three and entrusting them to other capable members of your team. This strategic redistribution of tasks not only optimizes the workflow of your business but also encourages team development and empowerment.

Effective delegation is about placing the right tasks in the right hands, ensuring that each aspect of your business is managed with the requisite attention and expertise.

Making impactful choices in leadership

The essence of the Law of Three is not just about doing less; it’s about doing more of what truly matters. This principle is crucial in real estate, where the quality of decisions and actions often outweighs the quantity.

Adopting the Law of Three is a continuous process, not a one-time activity. It involves regular reflection and adjustment in response to changing market trends, business goals and personal strengths. This dynamic approach ensures that you remain aligned with the most impactful activities for your business.

In a high-stakes environment like real estate, where client expectations are high and the market is fiercely competitive, mastering the Law of Three can set you apart as a leader. It’s about refining your focus, excelling in areas that drive business growth, and creating a strategic advantage.

Embracing the Law of 3 for real estate success

The Law of Three is more than a productivity tool; it represents a shift towards impactful and strategic leadership in real estate. By identifying and focusing on the tasks that yield the greatest value, effectively delegating secondary tasks, and continuously honing your strategic focus, you can rise above the everyday operational chaos and drive quantum-level growth.

This approach enables you to steer your business towards greater heights and success. In the world of real estate, where the impact of your actions is paramount, embracing this principle is key to thriving in a dynamic and challenging industry.

Chris Pollinger, founder and managing partner of RE Luxe Leaders, is the profit whisperer to the elite in the business of luxury real estate. He is an advisor, national speaker, consultant and leadership coach.  Learn more about his broker, manager and team leader growth programs at

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