Lone Wolf Foundation will support three new flagship experiences: Lone Wolf Transact, Lone Wolf Front Office and Lone Wolf Back Office.

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Lone Wolf Technologies has launched a completely revamped software suite called Lone Wolf Foundation, making good on a promise it made to customers at an industry event last fall.

In a July 8 press release, the company heralded the new platform as “both the culmination and the inauguration of the company’s multi-year mission to simplify real estate by bringing every key activity, process, and solution — from websites and CRM to CMA, open houses, transactions, back office and accounting, insights, and more — into one complete platform.”

Lone Wolf Foundation will support three new flagship experiences: Lone Wolf Transact, Lone Wolf Front Office and Lone Wolf Back Office.

The company’s Chief Technology Officer Sean Wheeler expressed in a statement that product decisions were based on years of examining what agents needed to be better stewards of clients’ needs and how the market reacts to technology.

“This is the end result of that extensive research, a platform that goes beyond integrations, beyond connections, beyond a rebrand to create a real solution,” Wheeler said. “From a single login to a modular design that allows real estate professionals to pick and choose the solutions they need, with shared data workflows that keep information consistent from lead to close and the latest in digital security, there’s nothing like this in the industry today — and it will transform the way real estate professionals work, now and into the future.”

Wheeler called it an end-to-end platform, meaning that the solution is built to help agents from the initial capture of a lead to that buyer or seller’s closing day.

Traditionally, such a model includes lead capture tactics, long-term nurture and conversion tools, ongoing experience management, listing marketing, transaction management and escrow communications, among other ancillary digital resources that link all the processes together. In most cases, it also includes services that support the client’s homeownership cycle.

Lone Wolf Front Office is where users will find a CRM, marketing functions and website development tools, systems that will integrate from top-of-funnel interest capture to lead activity tracking supported by website calls-to-action and evergreen marketing content.

Lone Wolf Transact is client-driven software to manage documentation and overcome barriers to closing on time.

The release stated that the software includes “a brand-new custom compliance workflow for brokerages.” It’ll also have digital signature tools, prepopulated user content to expedite completion, and a consumer-facing experience to alleviate user fear or anxiety over common legal language and terminology.

Lone Wolf’s new Back Office tools will pull from the Transact experience to drive deal financials, as well as allow for advanced accounting functionality and commission oversight while including everything brokerages are used to doing but in a modern software environment, according to the release.

It was November of last year when Lone Wolf CEO Jimmy Kelly stoked the fire about Foundation, using the stage at the T3 Technology Summit to say the industry’s use of so many disparate technology solutions was reaching “a boiling point.”

“We discovered that the average brokerage uses over 20 different pieces of software every day, nearly double what they were using in 2020. It isn’t sustainable, and that’s what we’re targeting with the new generation of software for real estate, the fact that real estate doesn’t need more software, but that it instead needs more from the software it has,” he said.

Kelly’s passion for a more integrated software platform hasn’t changed since being on the T3 Sixty stage. He called the debut “metamorphic.”

“I am incredibly proud of everything the team here has done to create something so transformative for the industry, and am confident this will inspire real, positive change for everyone in real estate,” he said. “But though it’s the result, this is not the end. It’s just the beginning of a metamorphic era for real estate software, and we will not stop pushing forward through constant innovation.”

Kelly’s enthusiasm may be part of the reason for the company’s latest MLS partnership. The company announced on July 2 its Cloud CMA product was selected by the Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS).

Cloud CMA is a market trends, home pricing and presentation tool agents use when pitching business. Lone Wolf acquired the company in 2020.

Lone Wolf is the second major real estate software company to make a major product announcement this summer, following Inside Real Estate’s brand and functionality overhaul of kvCORE to BoldTrail.

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