Coaches Emily Bossert and Melanie Klein offer tips for living a life by design when you think ahead and set your intentions for personal and professional success in 2024.

Do you ever feel like you’re navigating your personal and professional life without a clear sense of direction? 

We’re here to tell you that there’s a simple and effective way to focus your time, energy and attention now. Intention setting is a scientifically proven way to nurture your personal and professional growth and specifically steer your real estate career on the right course. 

From operating as the driving fuel you need to stay inspired to providing the focus you need amidst the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, setting intentions now will increase your experience of success and satisfaction in 2024.

The power of intentions

Setting intentions is not merely an abstract concept; it’s a practical and actionable tool that has the potential to reshape your career and life. Science shows that intention setting rewires the brain through neuroplasticity and creates more focus and attention on your desired outcomes.

In short, according to, “goal” or intention setting “changes the way your brain functions” so that “you’re massively more successful.”

But you don’t need to understand the neuroscience behind setting intentions to effectively harness the power of the practice to fulfill your personal and professional desires. You just need to begin and then reap the rewards.

Clarity of purpose

Real estate is dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-evolving. Having clear and specific objectives is crucial to your overall success and wellness. Setting intentions ensures that you stay on course, even in the face of challenges.

Setting clear intentions will not only help you define these objectives but also keep them at the forefront of your mind like a guiding light. Just as a ship relies on its navigation system to chart its course, you, as a Realtor, need clear intentions to guide your path, stay focused, and optimize your time and energy.

Reflect on 2023

To set intentions for 2024, begin by reflecting on the past year. Use the following questions to gain valuable insights:

  • On a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your results in 2023?
  • What accomplishments are you most proud of from the past year?
  • What changes would you make if given the chance?
  • What lessons have you learned?
  • What truly matters to you?
  • What are you ready to let go of to make room for new beginnings?
  • Based on these reflections, what advice will you give yourself as you head into 2024?

Set intentions for 2024

Now, turn your attention to your personal and professional desires for the coming year:

  • How do you want to feel at the end of 2024?
  • What do you want to create or experience professionally?
  • What do you want to create or experience personally?
  • What skills, habits or patterns do you want to improve upon?
  • Identify what needs simplification and what boundaries you need to establish.
  • Consider the resources and support systems you can leverage to support your goals.

Setting intentions is not an exercise in wishful thinking. It’s a sensible approach to achieving prosperity in both your personal and professional life.

As you take the time to reflect on your past, define your future goals, and take deliberate and inspired actions, you will unlock your full potential, which will help catapult your real estate career to new heights. 

As you step into 2024, remember that your success is absolutely within your reach. You have the power to shape your personal and professional results. Start setting intentions today, take action, and watch your intentions transform into reality.  Your journey as a more intentional and successful real estate agent starts now.

Melanie C. Klein, M.A. and Emily Bossert are two highly sought-after coaches known for empowering individuals and teams to achieve their full potential and success. Klein has written and contributed to over nine books on empowerment, personal transformation, and cultivating resilience. Bossert is a highly regarded real estate sales manager and co-hosts The 6AMers. Together, they co-coach a 90-day group coaching program offering over 52 years of experience at the intersection of mindfulness, embodiment, conscious leadership and entrepreneurship.

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