Inman Connect New York 2024 was a preeminent event in the real estate calendar and presented a unique opportunity for real estate professionals to navigate the dynamically shifting landscape of the industry amid its many challenging circumstances. This year’s conference was especially significant as it laid out comprehensive strategies to tackle legal challenges, market pressures and keeping up with new AI innovations.

“This year’s Connect, more than ever, reminds us all that while we may belong to different companies and in different markets, we are part of one industry. Sharing our knowledge, our ideas and even our challenges, makes us all more valuable to our customers.” 

— Katelyn Castellano, SVP, Marketing, Engel & Völkers Americas

Key benefits and significance of Inman Connect New York 2024 for real estate professionals

  • Insightful discourse on legal challenges: Amidst the rising tide of commission lawsuits, Inman Connect offered a critical platform for professionals to gain insight and advice from industry leaders on how to maneuver through these litigations, ensuring that those in attendance were left with actionable takeaways to protect their interests.
  • Strategies for a tough market: With the market being particularly unforgiving, Inman Connect’s sessions focused on resilience and adaptation. Speakers shed light on market trend analysis, navigating what buyers and sellers need now and tactics to thrive even when the odds are stacked against agents and brokers.
  • Integration of AI technologies: At the heart of the conference was the emphasis on technological evolution, especially AI, which is quickly reshaping many aspects of the real estate industry. Several sessions highlighted the role of AI and how it can be used. Speakers expressed how embracing AI tools is essential for staying ahead in a competitive landscape.

“Inman Connect offers an unparalleled opportunity to form lasting relationships, learn, and network with some of the greatest minds in the industry. This year’s event provided plenty of thought-leading advice and innovative tech solutions for agents navigating this complex market. It was great to be a part of the conversations and panels that discussed the ever-evolving use of AI and technology in the industry. We’re looking forward to next year!” 

— Omer Granot, CEO of LocalizeOS 

Inman Connect New York 2024 equips real estate professionals with resources and strategies to succeed despite the prevailing challenges. The exchange of ideas, networking opportunities, and exposure to the latest industry tools and practices make it an indispensable event, proving to be highly beneficial for all who attend. We hope to see you at our next event, Inman Connect Miami

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