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The Hamptons real estate market is no place for amateurs.

Fortunately, Bianca D’Alessio and Peggy Zabakolas of luxury firm Nest Seekers International, headed by CEO Eddie Shapiro, are seasoned associate brokers who don’t mess around when there’s business to be done.

D’Alessio and Zabakolas made their debut on reality series Selling the Hamptons Season 1 in 2022, and are returning for the second season, which premieres on Friday, Mar. 1, on Max.

Filmed during the summer of 2022, Season 2 sees the entrance of two new cast members, Dylan Eckardt and Ashley Allen. How exactly they may or may not shake up the group dynamic remains to be seen, but from the new season’s trailer, it seems clear that the new entrants will generate a little more friendly competition as the agents vie for listings and seek to please some of the most discerning clients in the country.

Inman recently sat down with D’Alessio and Zabakolas separately to discuss the new season and the Hamptons real estate market. Here’s what they had to say, edited for brevity and clarity.

“Selling the Hamptons” cast members Michael Fulfree, Bianca D’Alessio, J.B. Andreassi, Ashley Allen, Dylan Eckardt, Peggy Zabakolas and Mia Calabrese | Max

Bianca D’Alessio

Inman: What are you excited for viewers to see in Season 2 of Selling the Hamptons?

D’Alessio: I am most excited for Dylan and Ashley to enter the scene and stir things up. The two of them like to ruffle feathers for sport and really rile the other cast members up — it will be entertaining to see for sure!

What was the most difficult thing about this new season?

This season was more difficult than Season 1 because between the two seasons my New York City-based team quadrupled and the portfolio I managed nearly increased by 10 times. The city really required more of my attention, so I pop in and out of the season and am certainly not as present as I was in Season 1.

Do you have any regrets, perhaps about a particular deal or relationship you wish you had handled differently during this season?

I never have regrets. OK, well, maybe throwing myself such an over-the-top birthday party for my 30th may have been a little extravagant.

Haha. What was it like learning to work with two new cast members?

It is always interesting to see how dynamics change when we introduce new personalities to the show. Dylan and Ashley are certainly a lot to handle — far more drama and chaos than I can personally handle — but I don’t let them distract me from doing business. I just have to laugh through some of their wild antics — it is the only thing to do.

What’s the biggest challenge in the market for you right now?

I think the market in 2024 is off to an incredible start and we are gearing up for what is going to be another great season in the Hamptons!

Ashley Allen, J.B. Andreassi, Mia Calabrese, Dylan Eckardt, Peggy Zabakolas, Bianca D’Alessio, Michael Fulfree at a screening party for “Selling the Hamptons” Season 2 Episode 1 at 505 Park Ave, New York, New York | Madison McGaw /

Peggy Zabakolas

Inman: What were your goals going into Season 2 of Selling the Hamptons

Zabakolas: Every year I try to set similar goals, but either double them or level up. So this year, when I first started, my goal was to really expand in the Hamptons and the biggest thing I could do at that time for Season 2 was get listings and expand my team.

In addition to that, it was also to add another platform to my real estate career, in the sense of working with developers — maybe not so much big-time developers, but developers I could actually learn from to also flip in the future for myself.

I actually just did a walk-through for my own personal flip house in Brooklyn. My goal this year was to take the people who are surrounding my circle and network and learn as much as I possibly can from them, and also expand, not only in the Hamptons. This past summer, I also was in Florida, so it’s really just continuously growing my business.

I joke when I say this, but I open doors for a living. I want to use these doors to open new doors and what I mean by that is, do more than just sell houses. I want to flip homes, develop homes and expand into new areas.

That’s exciting.

Yes, and you’ll see a little bit in the season of me working with a female developer and her story, and she’s really just a boss babe.

I look forward to seeing that! What was the most challenging thing that you encountered this season?

I can’t say too much. But I think the most challenging [thing] probably was more personal than anything. I think my entire career, if there were issues with other agents, whether it was referrals or listings or people stepping over me as far as getting other listings, I normally would just let them have it because I have much more other business that I can deal with.

This year was more of personal growth in the sense of no more being quiet and playing Mrs. Nice Girl. I wanted to really put my foot down and take back what I deserve. Then also seeing where the Peggy Z Team really belongs and the future and legacy of where it could grow.

Good for you. Were there any big curveballs or surprises that you were hit with this season?

I think in the first episode, maybe you’ll notice something and then you’ll follow through the storyline. I don’t want to tell too much! But there are definitely a lot of curveballs.

For some reason everyone always wants to go after my listings. I don’t know why — everyone always wants to go after me. I think it’s because I just am always the quiet one. But I guess I’ll also take it as flattery because everyone wants my stuff.

Totally. What are the biggest challenges for you in the markets you’re operating in now?

Probably just managing everyone’s expectations and finding everyone’s product, their dream home. And then pretty much every market that we’re in, overall, it’s really just finding the product for them that can make the client happy, because at the end of the day, that’s most important. My business is primarily referral and repeat clients. So, as long as they’re happy, I’m happy.

What should people expect during this new season?

It’s a bunch of agents amplifying themselves, [there are] bigger homes, nicer homes. You’ll see a lot more drama in the sense of two new cast members that come in and ruffle some feathers. You’ll see some growth from each individual agent.

And you know, it was two summers ago. So it’s going to be interesting to see where we were at then and where we are now. But you know, Dylan comes in and I’ve known him for years, and not everyone knows his personality. He definitely is a curveball, I guess you can say. Ashley is very interesting and I think you’ll see some interesting tidbits with her and me in that aspect.

There are friendships that develop and friendships that don’t. You see people’s true colors and how money changes people’s character and reputation. But I think it’ll be a good show.

I hope people will see that “Business Peggy” and “Personal Peggy” are two major different versions in the show. When I’m in my professional hat, I’m very serious and very square, but hopefully, you’ll see a little bit more of my lighthearted fun, and if not, there are two different sides.

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