Inman contributor Brandon Doyle made it his goal to interview 100 real estate professionals. Here’s a Snapshot of those conversations.

Navigating the labyrinthine world of real estate might seem a stretch for a neuroscience major with ambitions in medicine. But for Warren Dow, general manager of the real estate division at SavvyCard, the pivot to real estate technology was an evolution, not a deviation.

He remarks, “I studied to go into medicine … but ended up going into private-sector consulting … A bit of a stretch from there to real estate software, but it’s been such a fun and rewarding career journey.”

Dow’s early journey into the real estate industry

Dow’s deep dive into real estate began in 2008 with the Calgary Real Estate Board. It’s a tale filled with intrigue, allegedly involving agents stealing deals from office fax machines.

By 2011, Dow and friends launched a software company to aid real estate agents in their mobile interactions. Their timing was impeccable, coinciding with the rise of iPhones. Dow reminisces, “This was the same time iPhones were coming on the scene, and Blackberry was still a major player.”

However, the path wasn’t always clear. As a bootstrapped startup, they faced hurdles that larger, well-funded organizations didn’t. The solution? Ingenuity. “We bartered and traded conference and event software to get speaking opportunities and in-kind sponsorships at real estate trade shows,” Dow says.

By 2015, their efforts paid off. The business was sold to Lone Wolf Technologies. With this shift, Dow found himself learning from Lorne Wallace, Lone Wolf’s founder, whose influence and teachings he greatly values.

After some time with Lone Wolf, Dow felt the pull towards brokerage operations. He became the VP of Business Development for a growing independent brokerage in New Hampshire. Yet, Dow’s passion for systems and technology was unwavering. This led him to SavvyCard, a leader in real estate engagement and marketing software. At SavvyCard, Dow manages two core products and works closely with diverse stakeholders in the industry.

But Dow’s involvement doesn’t end there. He’s also a principal for the Real Estate Technology Institute and advises several real estate software companies. This double life, so to speak, aligns perfectly with his zeal. Dow admits, “I really love helping businesses develop highly effective, low-cost channels to grow their business.”

Stay grounded in the basics, community and outreach

While Dow has enjoyed the ride, he is pragmatic about the challenges agents face today. His advice to them is to remain grounded in the basics, emphasizing the importance of community involvement, consistent outreach and leveraging technology.

His career journey has given him unique insights into organizational cultures. From the bootstrapping mindset of Barcode to the playful tone at Lone Wolf after its brand relaunch, and then to the more relaxed work-life balance at Peabody & Smith Realty. Now at SavvyCard, he describes a culture of camaraderie, “I think the team genuinely enjoys one another.”

Dow’s favorite networking events? NAR annual conferences. A hub of learning and connection, he relishes engaging with industry peers and now friends.

What stands out about Dow is not just his adaptability but his genuine love for the industry, his journey underscores the magic of unpredictability and the importance of embracing change. You can connect with Dow through his personal SavvyCard.

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