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One of the reasons people are attracted to the team structure is the promise of built-in mentoring and growth. When a team works well, it can offer a launchpad for optimal professional development, but not all teams are the same.

Sometimes there’s dysfunction and sometimes there’s poor leadership that undermines the effectiveness of the team as a whole — not to mention the individuals involved.

In other cases, maybe a not-so-great leader pushed you to join a team, to get a little more hands-on training before going it alone.

Regardless of the situation, when you’ve been led to believe one thing, then find out that the reality is something quite different, it can lead to disillusionment and disappointment. It can make you question your place on the team and the integrity of the people you’re working with and for.

What’s the worst false promise a higher-up ever made to you? Were you given assurances that turned out to be untrue? Were you led to join a team only to find out it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be? Did someone pretend to be your mentor then double-cross you? Let us know below.

We’ll post our findings with the top answers next week on Tuesday.

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