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How Rent-To-Own Homes Work: A Complete Guide

As a renter, you’ve probably heard of “rent-to-own homes” or maybe “rent-to-own programs.” And if you’re looking down the line towards owning your first home, you may be wondering if a rent-to-own home is the right path for you to homeownership. Luckily, rent-to-own homes are just one way to go when buying a home for

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10 Pros and Cons of Living in Oregon

Oregon, also known as the “Beaver State,” is located in the Pacific Northwest and is filled with lush greenery, sprawling coastlines, an amazing food scene, and a unique and vibrant culture. Home to just over 4.2 million people, there are many reasons why people choose to call this place home. Whether you’re looking to buy

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How Long Does a Landlord Have to Fix Something?

Whether you’re renting a house in Los Angeles, CA, or leasing an apartment in New York, NY, renters need to understand the process for repairs. When you need your landlord to repair something in your apartment or rental home, you typically want it done ASAP. As a tenant, you may feel frustrated and powerless waiting

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7 Storage Shed Ideas to Maximize Your Space

No matter the size of your home, you’ve probably found yourself wishing you had more room for your hobbies. While remodeling a house to increase your space is an option, it’s also costly. But what if there was a way to reap the benefits of extra square footage without tearing down walls in your home?

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What is Rent Control?

If you’re a renter, or you plan to rent an apartment in the future, you’ve likely wondered – what is rent control? Broadly speaking, rent control is legislation that limits the price of rent in cities and states. Rent control often benefits residents – primarily by keeping rental rates low and stable. However, there are

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