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Absolutely Adorable 'Farmette' in Vermont Is This Week's Most Popular Home

This week, folks swooned over photos of an adorable farm in the Northeast.Complete with a red barn, copious curb appeal, and 9 acres of land, this picture-perfect "farmette" in Vermont is this week's most popular home on®. Built in 1840, the idyllic country home is extremely photogenic, which made it nearly impossible not to

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Realtor View: An inspection is a critical step in home-buying process

A home inspection can spare you from unpleasant surprises after you buy. After crunching the numbers, searching your favorite neighborhoods, and weighing the pros and cons of each property you have toured, you’ve chosen a house that seems like the perfect fit for you.While it may be “perfect” when it comes to location, price or

Legendary Director's Bel-Air Estate Available for the First Time in Over 60 Years

German-American director Ernst Lubitsch worked with—and hosted—some of the greatest actors of the 20th century, including Maurice Chevalier, Greta Garbo, and Jimmy Stewart.Lubitsch, who helmed classics such as "To Be or Not To Be," "Ninotchka," and "The Shop Around the Corner," was also known for the palatial estate he built in Bel-Air in 1934. It's a

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'Bargain Block' Hopes To Sell a $4K House That Came With a Horrible Surprise Inside—Take a Look

On "Bargain Block," Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas buy really cheap houses around Detroit and turn them into lovely starter homes—but on the latest episode, they realize they're in deep with a house that might be too cheap.In the episode "Zen and Dollhouse," they buy a cottage for a mere $4,000, figure they can remodel it

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Sky-High Listing Prices Are Finally Starting To Come Back Down To Earth

More and more, home sellers are giving in to the mounting pressure on affordability posed by June’s rapid mortgage rate hike, according to a new report from Redfin, a technology-powered real estate brokerage. The median asking price of newly-listed homes for sale is down 1.5% from the all-time high it reached in the spring, and

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