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Brandon Turner’s 4-Step “Viral” Formula That’ll Bring You Deals TODAY

To real estate investors and real estate investing enthusiasts, Brandon Turner is a household name. Not only has he written one of the most successful real estate investing books ever published (The Book on Rental Property Investing), but he also pioneered the real estate podcasting, social media, and blogging space. Funny to think that only

By |2022-06-30T09:50:25-07:00June 29th, 2022|Industry News|

How “Turnkey” Rentals Can Help You Build Real Estate Riches Faster

Turnkey rental properties have become a fan favorite for rookie real estate investors and investors who don’t have enough time to manage their rehabs and rental properties. Turnkey real estate is marketed as a way for real estate investors to buy a rehabbed property, often with tenants and management in place, leaving them with just

By |2022-06-23T09:54:44-07:00June 22nd, 2022|Industry News|

10th Grade Dropout to 400-Unit Apartment Complexes (WITHOUT Raising Money)

Multifamily real estate investors almost always raise money for their deals, right? Some would call it almost impossible to try and build a huge real estate portfolio without borrowing money or partnering up to take down bigger properties. Sofia Castro, along with her husband, not only built a multifamily portfolio using their own money, but

By |2022-06-16T09:51:48-07:00June 15th, 2022|Industry News|

7 Expert Negotiation Tactics That Will Put a Buyer/Seller/Tenant on Your Side

The secrets to negotiation are often simpler than you think. There’s no double-talk, bribing, or harshness necessary to get what you want. If you know what the other side wants (which you probably do already), you’ll most likely have enough to negotiate successfully. So why aren’t most people winning negotiations? Well, when everyone is buying

By |2022-06-14T09:51:42-07:00June 13th, 2022|Industry News|

Ed Mylett Foresees Huge Opportunity for “Small Investors” in 2022

Ed Mylett knows the housing market. He’s participated in real estate investing for decades and has become wildly successful thanks to his tenacity, relationship-building skills, and creativity when getting deals done. But, funnily enough, Ed Mylett isn’t most well known for his real estate investor prowess—he’s known for his mindset-shifting, world-changing ideas when it comes

By |2022-06-09T09:53:15-07:00June 8th, 2022|Industry News|
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